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  1. king1138

    Anyone have a rabbit stew recipe? (on topic, really...)

    I guess VW uses soy based wiring insulation just like Ford, GM, and Dodge, because the rabbits go nuts for it! I've been getting a right fog lamp out message for a bit. No worries, wanted to upgrade to LED anyway. Finally got around to putting in the new LEDs, and surprise surprise, some...
  2. king1138

    MK6 quirks

    Hello all, after recently purchasing a mk6 GTI, I have found a few interesting quirks with it. You know what I mean, stuff that isn't exactly broken, but also isn't right. I was curious if anyone else has some odd quirks they would share. I'll share two of mine: First off, my ATA confirmation...
  3. king1138

    Fuel economy gains after stage 1 tune

    Hello all, I recently purchased a mk6 GTI and am considering doing a stage 1 tune. As it will be my daily driver, I'm very interested in fuel economy. Has anyone shown any fuel economy gains with a stage 1?