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    Rear-View Mirror Casing Paint Ripple - DAMN, AGAIN?

    For the third time in nearly seven years, the paint job on right rear-view mirror casing has rippled. I've already had it replaced and painted twice before, and now I have to take care of it again??? And the most frustrating thing is, I don't know what keeps causing it and how I can prevent...
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    Check Engine Light On, Then Off

    The other day my "check engine" light came on while I was driving, and I made an appointment with my dealer to get it looked at as soon as I could, Then yesterday, I started the car, and the light came on for a couple of seconds like it's supposed to, but it then went off like it's supposed to...
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    Well, THIS is a unique problem!

    This is the third time this has happened to me this month. I went to put my car away and the rear-door warning light was on, meaning the rear hatch door was open. Now there's the thing. At 3:30 I got home from the supermarket and took some stuff out of the rear. I closed the door. At about...
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    Paint On Mirror Casing Keeps RIPPLING!

    I have what may be a unique problem. A few years ago I noticed that the paint on my right rearview mirror casing was rippling, but I got it fixed. I'd had the car in the shop after an accident, and I thought that the guys at the body shop had something to do with it, because it looked fine...
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    Sticky Hatch Door

    I started having problems with my hatch door today. I clicked on the key fob button to open the hatch door and it took three tries to get the latch to operate and open it when I pushed my fingers into the rear VW emblem. If I want to get the door to open properly, or at least get a chance that...
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    It looks like my stalling problem is finally fixed!

    After the CEL came on following another stall and a constant bucking of the engine, my dealer replaced the cam sensor and ignition coil for free and reset the codes. My car runs much more smoothly now, and it just passed a crucial test. I had to stop for a red light on a steep upgrade, and the...
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    Bucking and Kicking

    My car has gone from hesitating and stalling intermittently while at a stop to hesitating and bucking at a stop and while on the road. I can actually feel the car shudder as if I'm on rough pavement even when the road is perfectly smooth. I don't like where this is headed. On the other hand...
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    Cloth on driver's seat

    The cloth fabric on my driver's seat has lasted better than the cloth on my old Mk4's driver's seat, but I have recently noticed some light fraying on edge of the left bolster. Also, the left cushion bolster is all caved in - is that common with Mk6 Golf seats. Any advice on where to take it...
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    Ferdinand Piëch - 1937-2019

    Here's the story from CNN.
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    My car kept stalling when idle. I had it fixed. Then it stalled again!!!

    So I took my car to the dealer, the mechanic looked at it, and he determined it was indeed the crankshaft position sensor. He fixed it, under warranty, and then it ran fine after that. For a week. Then it stalled again. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????????????????????? I don't know what to do...
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    Stalling Again

    My Mk6 Golf stalled four times in the fall of 2017, and I took it to my VW dealership; they couldn't find a thing wrong with it, and it never stalled on them. Then the stalling stopped, but it came back; it's stalled thrice on me since late April 2018, the last time in my driveway after I got...
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    Alternator Malfunction!

    I was driving my Golf on a main street and I was waiting at a red light, when suddenly my engine turned off and the battery warning light came on. I started the car again and got it going alright, and I made it to my destination. I later checked the owner's manual and it said that when that...
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    Lumpy Seat Edge

    The left edge of my driver's seat (circled; I don't know what it's called) is soft and lumpy, not firm. At the risk of asking a stupid question, is this just wear and tear as a result of getting in and out a lot? I guess I don't need to fix it, it looks perfectly normal, and it doesn't affect...
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    Two-Door Golf Canceled!

    I know this isn't a Mk7 forum, but I just wanted to share what I thought about the two-door Golf being canceled in America (link below). It looks like we'll have to hold onto our Mk6 two-doors for as long as we can.
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    Handprint-like ripple on my side-view mirror cap

    There's a ripple of paint that looks like a handprint or a fingerprint on my right side-view mirror cap. The body shop guys at my dealer said it looked like something hot pressed against it and melted the paint. Could it have been caused by a short in the turn indicator or the mirror heating...
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    My car radio changed the station by itself!

    Okay, this is weird . . . Last night I was driving my car when the radio suddenly changed the station by itself. I was listening to a station on 90.7 FM; the tuner moved down to 90.5 FM! Tonight, it happened again. Here's the thing: It happened at the same time of day (6:30 PM to 7:30 PM) in the...
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    Slightly Bumpy Ride . . .

    My car still runs fine, but the ride doesn't quite feel right. The rear feels a little bumpy, even on smooth roads. My mother rode in the car several times in the past week, when I felt a difference in it (after Hurricane Sandy), and she didn't feel anything wrong. Maybe it's my imagination ...
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring System reset problem

    My TPMS light went on while I was driving. I stopped at a gas station and found that the right front tire was low. I pumped enough air into it to get the pressure to match the others, but when I pressed the TPMS button, nothing happened. I have repeatedly checked the pressure on every tire...
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    Wheezing Noise in Top Vents

    When I turn my air on - it doesn't matter if it's just the fan or air conditioning, and it doesn't matter if it's fresh or recirculated air - I hear a wheezing noise coming from the top vents on the dashboard. Also, not much air seemsd to be coming out of these vents. I'm taking it to the...
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    Radio Data System problem

    Yesterday (3/28/12) my Radio Data System (RDS) feed suddenly stopped working on one of the radio stations I listen to on my car radio. Until it stopped, it identifed the title and artist of the song I was listening to as well as the station. It still worked on other radio stations, and it worked...