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  1. spiker369

    BBS LMs, 17x8+20, 17x9+20 (South Florida)

    As a part of the partout from my mk6 I have my wheels for sale. They are BBS LMs, 17x8+20 (205/40 tires, newly mounted driven for a month), 17x9+20 (195/40 tires, roughly 60% thread left on the cambered side). Offset is +20 because the faces are currently reverse mounted but original offset is...
  2. spiker369

    MK5/MK6 AirLift Performance + AutoPilot V2 (South Florida)

    As a part of the partout from my mk6 I have my air ride for sale. Airlift performance front struts (new camber plates/bearings), double bellow rears (no rear shocks), management and such. You'll just need to buy air line and run the wiring and then you can go all pssssssht with your frands. My...
  3. spiker369

    MK5/MK6 AirLift Slam Series front struts (South Florida)

    I have a set of slam series front bags with leader lines (no fittings). One of the shocks is shot but airlift can sell you a separate shock for $100. I never repaired it because I upgraded to Performance series fronts. I'm also including a brand new (still have the shipping box) replacement bag...
  4. spiker369

    DIY Mirror Cap Removal WITHOUT Removing Glass

    I meant to make this thread a while back, I took the photos back in October 2015 and never got around to posting them.. Anyways, it's super simple to remove the caps wether it be to paint them, wrap them, or replace them. Here's how to do it without removing the mirror glass and risk breaking...
  5. spiker369

    Custom Stock Wheels

    I was just thinking about this idea. Anyone ever do some modification to their stock wheels (not just plastidip) to make them unique? After swapping my wheels a few times I honest miss the look and simplicity of the Detroits at times. However, I think it would be dope to polish out the centers...
  6. spiker369

    BBS LM - no machines, DIY refinish

    Decided to wait until the final product before making a thread but here it goes! At EuroTripper 3 in February 2015 I picked up a set of BBS LM’s from my buddy Bryan (Carbon13GTI). He had plans to do a full polish on the wheels but sold them to me before he was able to so I figured I’d make...
  7. spiker369

    WTB: GTI Fog light housings

    So both of my fog light housings are cracked. However they still work and do not haze up so I'm not in a hurry to replace them. Just posting up to see what's available and if the price is right I'll buy. :yikes:
  8. spiker369

    70k Waterpump 2010

    So. I figured with the water pump bulletin not including the 2010's I was safe. Guess not. My car just excreted all of the coolant on my driveway. I'm close to 70k. Anyone think it'll still get covered? :cry:
  9. spiker369

    save it for the track

    I just want to start off stating this is a serious thread.. Anyways, I’m not sure how many of you have access or even keep up with the south florida news (especially with the riots and everything going on nation wide) but this past week there was a fatal accident on i595. Long story short...
  10. spiker369

    Sagging Door Cards

    So I know vw has had issues with the headliner not holding up and on previous models the door cards would fall apart. I noticed my drivers side door card is starting to sag. :thumbdown: How many people have had any issues with their door cards specifically? And any DIYers out there for do a...
  11. spiker369

    Light in Hatch not working

    So I was changing out the light in the hatch for a new strip light and the power wire snapped out of the housing. I assume this caused a short since the power just stopped but the ground was still connected. But when I put back my oem housing with bulb I don't get any light. I even tried one of...
  12. spiker369

    RCD510 CD Error after battery replacement

    So I had to have my battery replaced, took it to the dealer today and got that done. I went out and bought a new CD afterwords, because I still like physical media, and when I put the disk in, I get CD Error on the screen.. I tried other CD's to see if it was just that disk, but it says it for...
  13. spiker369

    FT/FS Feeler*** TSW Nurburgring's -- South East Florida

    *****SOLD***** They are 5x112 TSW Nurburgring's 18x8 et45. Under the dip there is very slight curb rash on the outer edge of the wheels. The wheels were also originally matte bronze but spray painted by the previous owner silver. I soda blasted them to remove the silver but it didn't all come...
  14. spiker369

    WTB: TSW centercaps for Nurburgrings

    Like the title says. I need a set of TSW caps that fit nurburgrings. The set of wheels I bought had the center caps painted black. I want the silver caps with the black lettering and the red dash. :D June 07, 2014-IMG_5183 by Kyle Justin Anderson, on Flickr
  15. spiker369

    deAutoKey Remote Controlled Footwell Lights

    I just wanted to post up this video that I recently made for deAutoKey showing off their new footwell lights that they have coming out soon. The lights are individually controlled with the remote supplied so you can have two different colors on each side of the car without having to swap out any...
  16. spiker369

    EuroTripper 2 - Kyle Anderson 2014 Coverage

    Just wanted to post this up as it's own thread. This is the video coverage I did at this year's EuroTripper event hosted by our own swfloridamk6. Thanks for a great event Paul. Hope it continues again next year! It's my first time covering a car event so I learned a lot of what to do and what...
  17. spiker369

    NuroTag Miami

    Who's going to be going to this?
  18. spiker369

    PerfectStance instagram contest - Help me out? (:

    So I know this entire community isn't about slammed or stanced cars, and I respect everyone's opinion; but it'd be awesome if you all could do this.. (: Help get my car some votes by liking the photo on @perfectstance instagram page! <--- link to their...
  19. spiker369

    FS: Detroits w/o tires (SoFla)

    EDIT: Sold locally. So since I swapped my tires to my new set of wheels I have my detroits for sale. They aren't perfect, and obviously there are no tires and center caps included, but I figured an asking price of around $75 + (shipping if needed) each wheel is pretty fair. Wheel #1 is the...
  20. spiker369

    FS/Feeler: Ed's OEM style chrome LED headlights (SoFla)

    DELETE: Ed's OEM style chrome LED headlights (SoFla) Edit: delete