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  1. lilonespaz

    Oil Leak Left side looking(passenger) HELP

    Hello all Recently ive developed a coolant and oil leak. I had my water pump replaced about a year ago due to cracking and the coolant has started dripping over the past two to three months, i have not been able to pin point where the leak is coming from yet... now its leaking quite bad about...
  2. lilonespaz

    Moving to Washington (Vancouver area)

    Hey everyone, The girl and i and planning to move to Washington/Portland area in the relative future. I just had some questions, since were in Florida and dont/never had to deal with winters. What is needed exactly for tires/safe driving in the winter/snow? Is anyone semi local to...
  3. lilonespaz

    WTB passenger Halogen Headlight

    So my passenger halogen headlight shorted out somehow and caused the connection where the bulb is and a little bit on the actual headlight too. I haven't had a chance to volt meter the headlight wires. Everything else works fine besides the low beam. But swapping the driver side bulb holder...
  4. lilonespaz

    This forum is almost dead

    Its sad. When i first joined and for a few years after i could come on and see 10s of threads every day multiple times a day. Always with activity and unread post multiple times a day in each of those threads. Now i see roughly 3-5 threads(barely ever a new thread) maybe and rarely a unread...
  5. lilonespaz

    Who has ECS Coilovers

    Who here is running or has experience with ECS coilover line. They are similarly priced to the Jom Blueline, Solo-Werks S1, and the FK streetlines...
  6. lilonespaz

    Unibrace ub xlr?

    wrong forum section to post this in. But it has been discontinued so i would just continue to check the classifieds for someone selling one used. Maybe make a post in the classifieds saying you are looking for one and you might get lucky.
  7. lilonespaz

    EBAY LED Tails Review

    Okay guys so i have been wanting to get LED tails for awhile now. But i have always hesitated and couldn't justify the price of OEM tails for me. So i bought some LED tail reps off eBay. I paid 199.99 which included being shipped to me. So here is a little review on the eBay tails for anyone...
  8. lilonespaz

    Anyone tried the mk7 replica headlight look?

    I am debating on going to projector headlights soon. And as much as i like the mk6 style projector/led headlights the mk7 retrofit headlights are starting to grow on me. I know a couple people on vortex did them but im not a member on there and the threads been dead for 6 months or so. This...
  9. lilonespaz

    WTB Cherry Red LED tails

    Looking for Cherry Red LED tails. Would prefer straight cherry red non-fog. Let me know what you got/are looking for price wise. Thanks Also may be interested in Projector headlights non-led DRL preferably but not that big of a deal for that.
  10. lilonespaz

    Tire Opinion Road Hugger GT Ultra

    Hey guys.. While out and about for the holiday weekend i picked up two nails/screws in both rear tires. (one in each) My buddy who i was with, who sells wheels and tires, said one should be patch-able but the other was technically outside the DOT "line" meaning most places would give a hard...
  11. lilonespaz

    A lot of Repeat Threads

    So browsing today i find at least 7 threads bumped all on the same topic. Like holy hell batman lots of necro bumps from the same dude.
  12. lilonespaz

    Has anyone tried the StopTech performanc axle pack brakes?

    Hey guys has anyone bought this kit? I know stoptech makes some pretty good parts or at least I'm under the assumption they have/do. Is anyone running this kits? I also just want...
  13. lilonespaz

    Anyone else doing the Keto Diet?

    Ive been doing it for almost a week now. Im down 10lbs(probably all water weight) and or due to cutting out soda and other beverages besides water. The diet is pretty simple and made me realize how much crap is in so much food but my stomach has not been liking the adjustment period. Unless...
  14. lilonespaz

    WTB GLI In Florida

    Hey looking to see if anyone has a GLI in Florida for sale. Were in the Central Florida area but willing to travel a little if needed. Must be Manual Transmission. Let me know what you have available.. Prefer 2014+ but will look at whatever you have. Thanks
  15. lilonespaz

    Travelers TV Show

    Whats up guy/gals. Since Westworld thread is pretty much dead until next season i figured i would post about this upcoming show to Netflix (December 23rd air date) For those of you who live in Canada(and or Torrent) its already almost done airing as episode 8 has aired out of 12 episodes...
  16. lilonespaz

    Space X Flacon 9 Rocket Explosion

    Falcon* So this morning during launch test the Space X rocket had an explosion of some sorts. The story is only about 45 minutes breaking.. Here are some pictures so far and ill link a news thread at the bottom. It was supposed to...
  17. lilonespaz

    Lower Speed Vibration

    I have this vibration i can feel mainly in my pedals. Its kinda feels like im riding over the little reflector lights but not as severe of a bump. It seems to only happen in speed from 10mph-35mph. After 35-40mph i dont feel it anymore. When im at idle or a stop there is no vibration only when...
  18. lilonespaz

    Someone scracthed my car :[

    So on Saturday i went out and did some Christmas shopping, got dinner with some friends, and then went and got ice cream. When we came out of the ice cream shop it was the first time i walked up directly to my car from the side as the parking lot was rather empty. And boom got a foot long dent...
  19. lilonespaz

    Giac dealer in central Florida

    Hey guys any good reputable shops in Central Florida. Im more east coast so would prefer anything Orlando and east. Thanks
  20. lilonespaz

    Conti DW vs Bridge RE760

    Hey guys I'm in the market for some new tires I've narrowed it down to the Continental Extreme Contact DW