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    It's Happening... Subaru STI to get new engine.

    You can have an aggressive & stiff suspension on a not that stiff of a frame...will ride rough all day and be tough to dial regardless of socks...then add over-stiffened rear sway to counter understeer from badly managing weight transfer that gets exacerbated by the easily added extra power...
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    WTB: 24~27mm+ Rear Sway Bar

    Looking for an unused or in great condition RSB. Preferably in SoCal for local pickup.
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    My brother is getting a prius. Need help!

    Will be fun next Thanksgiving...cause he aint gonna talk to you before it... :23:
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    My brother is getting a prius. Need help!

    You should spend more time in a Prius forum then, trying to find honest members that share their reliability issues an not just stroking their confirmation bias, instead of a Golf biased forum. Let your brother do his thing, you look after what YOU want to do =)
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    My brother is getting a prius. Need help!

    Funny to say that: I was on the fence of leasing a 500e right before I got my current GTI, but one of the major drawbacks was the fact that there was no way to put a rear-facing child seat - with the kid strapped in it... :D With current gas prices, a new Prius will be hard pressed to break...
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    My brother is getting a prius. Need help!

    ^This. If he was inclined to get a GTI or something sportier he would try to do that...then the OP would be "brother tries to have me chip in to buy him a GTI"... Btw, I would love to see how you can get a 500e and GTI mkV, or even worse, a S2K with the "change" out of a $10K budget :mad0259...
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    Experience with the Eonon GA6153W & MK6 owners ?

    Anyone tried the Eonon GA6153W? I am on the fence between it and the "classic" GA6153F. I don't care for the DVD/CD drive and I like the minimal design the W brings to the table. I am not sure about having no buttons and especially no volume knob...
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    RS3 coming to the America

    Similar deal with the TT RS...great cars, the potential of that I5 is is MSRP.