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    Stretch setup?

    Whats a good stretch setup ? if im running 18's
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    Stock GTI foglight bulb size anyone ?

    anyone know of any brands ? legit brands that have yellow fogs for our cars ?
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    Stretched 101

    Hey, for all of you who are familiar with "stretched tires".... i am somewhat less informed.. i am planning on running 19x8.5" 5x112 - ET45, in the FRONT/// and 19x9.5" 5x112 - ET48 in the REAR..... i want some poke in the rear and half of that in the front , what size tire should i use on the...
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    Vmr V710 matte black, centerbore question :)

    Anybody know what centerbore i should go for ? im lost right now
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    HELP !!! i have an 1100 dollars what rims should i get ?

    okay well i obviously value my opinion over anyone elses, but i would love feedback, i was thinkin about avant garde m310's in black but then the vmr 710's came into mind , im going for a 18x8.5 in the front and 18x9.5 in the back with stretched tires, any suggestions/advice guys ? THANK YOU !!
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    Need Experts LOL ! Wheel flush/offset question

    hey guys, im a noobie on wheels, i just pretty much figured out what ET is, and flush lol, BUT im gettin vmr v710's and im goin for a wider stance for example, i was thinkin 18x8.5 front and 18x9 rear. what do you guys think i should/would need to know before i make my decision because i want a...
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    Ordering new quarter panel, left passenger side door, driver side door how much !?!?!

    i got plowed into by some a hole wit a chevy pickup , does anyone know any websites where i can find legit prices for certain volkswagen 2011 gti parts? or volkswagen parts in general? i would extremely appreciate it
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    B5 S4 wit rear drivetrain problems Vs. Stock DSG 11 mk6 Gti?

    My buddy swears he can take me hes at 300 hp twin s4, BUT for an AWD car, it takes off pretty slow, i zoom past him but he hasnt pushed it with me yet so idk if i should throw down and i got a stock gti Dsg tranny, any insight? do i even stand a chance? lmfao
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    Film or Bulb.... fogs

    im plannin on changin to yellow fogs, should i jst buy yellow film or go yellow bulb ? nd wat r the advantages and disadvantages and whats a preferred brand !? THaNK YOU !!!!
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    how do you gut the back seats in the 11 gti ?

    im tryna do it on mine, also DOES anyONE knoW where i shud clip my license plate to cuz im gettin a euro plate for the front nd idk where a good spot wud be and wheither or not i shud get a bracket
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    How Do I Change The Date/Time In My GTi ?

    anybody at all ?
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    i got a candy white mk6 wat should my theme be?

    Im Thinkin Black Nd White but im not sure... i wanna be unique, any ideas ?
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    3d diagram on how to remove your grill(s)
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    Does Anyone KNOW ANYTHING about THE GTI MK6 Grill ?!?!?!?

    if i rotate the vw logo to the left (counter clockwise) and pull out will i break any clips ? is there an easier way? help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Grill removal.... does anybody know how ?

    Does anyone know how to seperate piece by piece by piece, meaning logo scarlet red strips in the grill and what not, i know how to remove the grill but i want to take out the vdub logo and the gti emblem for paintin purposes, does anybody know how ? i dont wanna screw up the grilll
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    anybody know any by east brunswick, south river, old bridge, edison ?
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    Does anybody know any good body kit manufacterer

    does anybody know any good body kit manufacturers ? nothing riced out and crazy big just a nice lip/bumper, skirts and rear bumper.... ?