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    I spent around $7k. Sticky tires to hold the power, replace various plastic parts that VW cheaped out on, upgraded clutch, turbo-back exhaust, new air intake, it's quite a bit actually. Whatever you think it will be, double it. I doubted that when I started this process, and it's the truth. You...
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    Throttle Response Issue *Resolved*

    I have 2013 Manual trans mk6 and I get the oscillation, most of the time it's when I come to a stop and push in the clutch (RSR built) and come to a stop. Revs up to 1800, down to 1200, up to 1600, then evens out at 900 or whatever. I have keyless start, trying to figure out if this is worth...
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    Must-do's for K04 reinstall?

    Probably, but an inspection sticker and a fresh start at a new shop with a dyno is what works for me right now. In hindsight, I could have gone to the dealer and had them APR Stage 3+ it in a week, pay too much, and be done with it back in 2018. Live and learn.
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    Must-do's for K04 reinstall?

    Your build is great and you did the bottom end, awesome! I've run OTS COBB and Stratified tunes as well as custom Stratified tunes (no dyno) on the stock motor, and a Stratified base tune on the K04, which was just starting to wake the engine up. I own the COBB Access Port. I'm absolutely...
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    Must-do's for K04 reinstall?

    After over a year of problems, I pulled the k04 on my 2013 Mk6 MT Autobahn to get the car inspected. Two shops did some things right and a lot of things wrong during the install process, have posted a few times about this. Went through three DV's, blown coils, boost leaks, busted COBB CAI intake...
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    Big Turbo Discussion Thread #2

    COBB AP and Stratified tune. People can argue all day long about other tuners, but this is a great place to start. Alex's development car is a mk6 GTI, and he knows the car extremely well. Good luck getting it inspected though.
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    meets in central NH?

    It was an idea for something to do, not a scheduled event. I'm k04 with base tune and I'd like to work on the tune over the winter instead of waiting for spring.
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    meets in central NH?

    Dyno Day at Freektune?
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Forum search seems a bit broken today so I'll throw in the last few months of stuff. Replaced janky GFB+ DV (poor install I think) with a Turbosmart Kompact EM Plumb Back DV VR1. The harmonic whine went away. Some of the COBB CAI brackets have broken, but it's working and I'll leave it at that...
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    Borg Warner K04 inlet size for boost leak tester

    I am finally getting a boost leak tester. I have the IE Borg Warner K04 kit installed and I'm trying to find out what the inlet size is so I can order the correct tester. I can't seem to find the information, and I want to order this today so I can make a shop appointment next week. Thanks!
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    Air straightener for COBB intake

    I've been battling gremlins with my COBB Stage 1+ setup. DV+ and new PCV installed. Pressure test passed. Running lean is the problem. COBB says return the unit. Stratified says that many people have installed something like the Treadstone Air Straightener to solve issues with the COBB intake...