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  1. smanierre

    CT Alignment shop

    Just installed my coilovers and looking to get them dialed in correctly. Anyone know of any shops in CT that are actually good with alignments. I got lifetime ones from Firestone when I got my tires and I don't really trust them anymore after how that one ended up. Also my front coilovers have...
  2. smanierre

    CCTA Rear O2 Sensor

    So i'm deciding to be proactive about something for once and get my rear O2 sensor unfuckulated before I have a week to do it for emissions. A bit of back story: When I got the car, there was a code for a bad rear O2 sensor. I changed the sensor and got the same code. Looked closer at the...
  3. smanierre

    Low RPM Hesitation

    I'm running a Cobb OTS stage 2 tune and pretty much anywhere below 2k rpm in 1st or 2nd gear, the throttle is so jerky. I will slowly press the gas and nothing will happen then all of a sudden it will jerk as if I stabbed the pedal. No matter how slowly I hit the gas it does this. Also in...
  4. smanierre

    Crank Pully Hold Tool

    Does anyone in the CT area happen to have the crank holding tool for installing a fluidampr? I'm gonna be ordering one hopefully next week and would rather not spend $50 on a tool i'll probably only use once or twice. I can buy beer if anyone wants to volunteer.
  5. smanierre

    TOP Not lining up

    Went to install my top today and while all the hoses for, the holes on the pipe aren't lining up with the holes in the engine. I can force it into position but then the pipe at the turbo gets all kinked up. Anyone else encounter this and have a fix? Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  6. smanierre

    Tire Balancing in CT?

    So I got some new Indy 500s put on a few weeks ago and i'm feeling some slight shake when I accelerate around 70 and wanted to get the balance checked. I would go back to Firestone and get it for free but I don't trust them. I told them one tire looked low the day after I got them mounted and...
  7. smanierre

    Rear fog coding

    Is anyone on here running LED tails with the rear fog and the Osram Xenarc headlights on a stock halogen car? If so can you post your coding for the CECM? My rear fog works but when I turn the parking lights on the headlights don't dim down and when I turn the lowbeams on they still stay bright...
  8. smanierre

    FS: Inside Dark Cherry Tails

    Hi all, I have a set of the inside (small) dark cherry led tails for sale. Selling because the outside ones have bulbs out/flickering and i'm just gonna buy a new set with the rear fog light. Inside ones work perfectly and are in great shape, come with resistor boxes so no codes. I'll include...
  9. smanierre

    Best method for adhesive removal.

    Sometime this week I am going to remove the GTI badge from my trunk and want to know the best method for getting all the adhesive off. I've heard some people say goo gone is ok and others say that it destroys the paint, anyone have any experience with it or alternative methods?
  10. smanierre

    FS: Cobb Big SF Intake

    I have a Cobb Big SF intake for sale that I ran for a few months. Only getting rid of it because I want one that is compatible with the Uni dv relocate kit. Has signs of wear but nothing that affects performance at all. It is missing the bolt that plugs the SAI hole but i've been running without...
  11. smanierre

    Sean's Shadow Blue GTI

    Just realized this section would be more fitting for a built thread than the technical section so i'm reposting here. I decided to document the build of my 2011 GTI. I bought it bone stock besides a subwoofer with 90k miles. I'll update the main post as I do stuff, although it will be a rather...
  12. smanierre

    Another GTI Build Thread

    I decided to document the build of my 2011 GTI. I bought it bone stock besides a subwoofer with 90k miles. I'll update the main post as I do stuff, although it will be a rather long build since I don't have the biggest budget at the moment. Engine: 42dd 3" Turboback exhaust no cat no resonator...
  13. smanierre reputability?

    So I am looking around trying to plan my build and found the website in the title that sells a 17z front BBK, minus the pads and steel lines, for $775, presumably plus shipping and tax, which seems way cheaper than anywhere else I have found. Anyone have any experience with this website or is it...
  14. smanierre

    Led taillight bulb replacemenr

    Just noticed I have a bulb out. Are these replaceable or do I have to start looking for another tail light. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  15. smanierre

    Clutch and LSD advice needed

    Hopefully tomorrow i'm going to be ordering my clutch and LSD for my car. For the LSD, does the peloquin come with everything needed to install? I'm going to have a shop do it and I don't want them to get to installing the LSD and tell me i'm missing parts for it. For the clutch, I was looking...
  16. smanierre

    BFI Clutch Kit

    I'm looking at clutch options and I stumbled upon the BFI clutch kit for only $1,110 if you get the full metal TOB. Anyone have any reviews of this kit? It's considerably cheaper than the Southbend/Clutchmaster equivalents for what seems like no real downside.
  17. smanierre

    Treadstone TR8 Fitment

    Is anyone on here running the Treadstone TR8 intercooler? I've read that it can be fit without having to cut into the bumper, was just wondering what hardware I would need and if it would fit with aftermarket turbo outlet and throttle body pipes.
  18. smanierre

    Cobb Stage 1+ AFR all over the place

    I just installed a Cobb Big SF intake and put on the corresponding stage 1+ big sf tune. I noticed that while maintaining speed or slightly accelerating, my AFR varies from 13-16. At first I thought maybe my foot was moving on the gas pedal but it does the same thing with cruise control too. Is...
  19. smanierre

    FS: Southbend Stage 3 Drop in Disc BNIB

    I have a brand new southbend stage 3 drop in disc. local pick up in CT or will ship. $320 shipped, $300 picked up.
  20. smanierre

    Help removing Trunk wall mounted subwoofer.

    I just bought some LED tail lights and I went to install them but ran into an issue. The previous owner had a subwoofer installed like this: (i'm an idiot and cant get the pictures to embed in the post) Does anyone know how to remove this so that I can get the driver...