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    how are the mk7s doing? save for a few turbos I hear, did the new tsi get everything sorted out?
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    Car is in the shop for dsg issue

    over the past few days my car has been having issues with it being in drive and acting like its in neutral (reving up instead of driving) little wrench pops up in the driver info center where the gear selection is. took it in for the 20k service and they said all was normal, next day leaving...
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    Just picked up a cpo 2013

    4 door dsg, this car is amazing. I love how it can be sporty one second and tame the next.
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    new updated intake manifold

    are they working properly? anyone report any failures with them, is it all 2012s that have it?
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    looking at a 2011 gti

    I work for at an autopark working on hondas, that said I do not want a new si I stopped by the vw dealer next door and got a good deal on a 11 gti 6 speed no options I am just wondering, are these good cars? I am only 23 and this would be my first new car I don't care about squeaks and...