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  1. DRedman451

    FS Ross Tech Micro-Can vagcom

    Like the title states. The micro can is for mk5 and newer vw's, and won't work on mk4's. located in northern VA $240+shipping
  2. DRedman451

    FS AWE boost guage- VA

    I had this on for about a year. It still looks perfect. I will include the hosing that is cut for I stealthy run to an APR boost tap. 175 shipped pics soon
  3. DRedman451

    FS BSH recirculating catch can- VA

    I have a BSH CC from my gti. I had it on for about 2 years. 200 obo+ shipping pics soon
  4. DRedman451

    FS AWE TOP-wrinkle black: VA

    I parted some stuff off my gti before I sold it, and I haven't gotten around to selling much. I had this on for around 8k miles. still looks great 175 shipped obo I'll snap a few pics in a few minutes:thumbup:
  5. DRedman451

    DRedman45 build in progress

    First mods...I have vac/fabspeed headers on the way and next week I'll will be buying my FA 500 coilovers...that's all the mod money I have for a while though :/
  6. DRedman451

    Part out: k04 gti

    The k04 is on the car...which is sold
  7. DRedman451

    Part out: k04 gti

  8. DRedman451

    Part out: k04 gti part out

  9. DRedman451

    Plac Predictions –Will there be a second coming/reckoning?

    when I go away next month do I get a thread:attention_whore: haha the best part of this thread is the 90's pics....I miss it all haha
  10. DRedman451

    FS: 2009 CW GTI

  11. DRedman451

    FS: 2009 CW GTI

  12. DRedman451

    FS: 2009 CW GTI

    I am posting this up for a friend of mine Price: $15,000 2009 VW GTI Candy white 2 door TSI-ea888 Sunroof Huffs 61,XXX miles oil changed every 5k with mobil1 synthetic brand new: coil packs intake manifold rotors and hawk pads axles Mods: raceland coilovers carbinio stage 1 intake stage 1...
  13. DRedman451

    FS:2010 UG K04 GTI

  14. DRedman451

    Porsche Panamera Wagon

    but... rwdbeatsawdveryday :p:23:
  15. DRedman451

    My GTI's Replacement

    its all the 135's not just with the m sport package....also the 1M did not have dct as an option( although its arguably not a "true" m car)
  16. DRedman451

    My GTI's Replacement

    nice upgrade...I am looking to do the same in about 6 months...but i want monaco blue :drool:
  17. DRedman451

    Porsche Panamera Wagon

    its cool...i would never own one even if i could afford it...especially with all the cool stuff i want that is in that price range that i want haha i will have to disagree with you on that one could have a coupe and a wagon for the price of the the cts is cheap to modify
  18. DRedman451

    e36 318ti m52 turbo

    It was supposed to get tuned tonight, but the dude got sent to Florida to tune some racecar...the standalone already has a s52 turbo tune on it, and it is an adaptive unit, so it runs safely with that tune It looks like that's what it will be running for the trip to oc
  19. DRedman451

    My day at the Audi Driving Experience: My first auto-x and tracked the R8 and RS5

    ^thats fine for you...but around here audi an mercs outweigh bmws, so it can go either way I'm looking at price range and performance/aftermarket...driving experience can go either way, depending on what you like...bmws more fun, Audi is more comfortable as a daily
  20. DRedman451

    My day at the Audi Driving Experience: My first auto-x and tracked the R8 and RS5

    ^have you been in a modded 335? Not knocking your friends s4, just curious