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    Camber Offset Strut Mounts for Mk6s?

    Does anyone know if any company plans on releasing a fixed camber offset strut mount for Mk5/Mk6 cars? I notice that a few companies have create them for the mk7, which look to allow the amount of camber that I would fine ideal for my mk6 without the hassle of the noises and compromises camber...
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    FS: Modshack Intake

    I have a modshack intake for sale, located in the Tampa, FL area, I can do local or ship. Its in average condition, as shown from the picture. I can throw in a spare k&n filter with it too. Asking 100 shipped within the USA.
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    Anyone know the part number of this steering wheel?

    anyone know the part number of this steering wheel? Saw it on facebook, but never got a response back on what the part number. Supposedly it is a scirocco steering wheel. The ones on ebay seem to have the multifunction, but I can do without it since my car is a base. I really like the way it...
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    Worst car Subculture

    Yep, same experience with the serious Honda scene that tracks their cars, doesn't cheap out on their mods, etc are awesome to talk to. Honestly lately I prefer them to a lot of the newer VW guys I've met, but then again a lot are older and closer to my age and about function over silly stance...
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    Worst car Subculture

    the stance scene as a whole :P
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    Hubcap identification

    there is a guy on vwvortex/thecarlounge that knows hubcaps maybe give him a PM
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    $40k stock Acura Integra Type R

    heh I met Dave-ROR at a local autox and asked him about his ITR, he noted to me the stiffness in the rear was noticeable over his GSR and did experience the subframe tearing on his GSR yikes... He did sell his ITR over a year ago, but still has the GSR, I think he had some issues with the brz...
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    Thinking of buying a MK2 GTI

    thesamba is also a good place to check. If its a 16v make sure the timing belt is done or gets done after buying, I think the replacement interval is 60k miles. A bentley manual will help a lot with repairs
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    Type R Concept (Part Deux)

    Additional ‘steer axis’ system minimises torque steer for exceptional traction? Something like the revoknuckle?
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    Saw a Chrysler TC "by Maserati" on the road today...

    lol I saw one last week, i think its the same one I see every so often in my area
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    Found on Reddit: cutting a 97 jetta in half and putting it back together

    guy should have just made it into a mk3 jetta coupe like the few out there already...
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    5 Thoughts I had daily driving a 19 y/o car instead of the GTI

    lol I've been dailying my 97 integra automatic for the last year or so, but now I have go to back to the GTI/2000 Integra combo after the timing belt went out on me this weekend. Changed at 200k in 2008, odo stopped at 229k around 2010ish and yeah I dont know how many miles it went and if I...
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    PSA/Rant: Tracking your car

    a lot of the same crowd mentioned also wont track their vw b/c they are fwd and fwd is omgz the slowz and would rather wait for rwd lol
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    The Maserati Situation

    as long as it doesnt bring people memories of the biturbo lol
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    Volkswagen – Why can't everyone just get along.

    It hasnt been that bad in my area and usually pretty welcoming, a lot of it locally has to do with new people who come to meets and don't engage in any conversations sometimes just have to insert yourself in. And for the most part people don't have a problem locally if you arent slammed which is...
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    Want to Trade CW 2011 GTI Autobahn 6MT for DSG GTI

    I think gas mileage is really negligible between the two.
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    FS: One Detroit wheel

    I have one detroit wheel for sale, no curb rash, but for some reason, the clearcoat was peeling on this wheel in one area about a year and a half into ownership of my GTI, I was going to use it as a spare tire, but I never got around to it. Asking 100 obo local sale. I can ship at buyer's expense.
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    Graduating into a CLA.

    I dont know what it was, but the roof line really bugged me and the side profile looked really bland
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    Graduating into a CLA.

    starting to see more on the road now, it looks worse than the pictures imo
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    FS/FT: Detroits (Tampa, FL)

    FS/FT: MK6 GTI detroits, will be for sale after or during fixxfest. 9/10 condition with one wheel having tiny curbage, about an inch long. Tires will need to be replaced in a couple of months but driveable. Will consider selling by themself at 150 per wheel. Will also consider trades for 17in...