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    A Couple Questions About My MK6

    It does sound like you may have a tune. Is the car otherwise stock from what you can tell? aftermarket Intake or downpipe? There is a plethora of tuning options for these cars so it could be hard to narrow down. 15-16 psi I don't imagine would be beyond stage 1. Above that you will easily see 20...
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    P0134 help

    Awesome thanks..
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    P0134 help

    I just want to make sure I'm not confusing the 1 directly after the turbo upstream or the one mid stream pre cat?
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    P0134 help

    Hey All, On a CBFA engine, which of the 3 sensors would throw a P0134 code(bank 1 sensor 1)? The one just before the cat?. Some back story I put on a KO4 thus eliminated the 02 bung on the turbo now in the top of the downpipe an have the 2 downstream 1 before an one after the high flow cat...
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    CBFA O2 Spacer

    Found a rip off J style spacer online for about 35$ from Jcarparts. OBD2 Vehicle M18X1.5 J Style O2 Oxygen Sensor Angled Extender Spacer Kit Generic × 1. I put it on with middle insert post cat . Haven't had a P0420 code since. Aftermarket Catted DP on CBFA. Custom Cobb tuned W KO4.
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    Turbo back unitronic on a CARB version GTI

    Problem is most reputable tuners cant or no long choose to mess with emissions related things. It's not like it was before where they just program it to ignore it . With EPA cracking down a lot of these guys will not put things in place to ignore emissions...I've had 3 cars with Cobb AP going...
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    Turbo back unitronic on a CARB version GTI

    Seems to be varying luck to get rid of the CEL with spacers. So assuming like most aftermarket DPs you have 1 cat now. The first 02 is on your turbo , you don't do anything with that one. second is pre cat an third is post cat. The best way I've seen it explained is you are trying to show/trick...
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    Review: Freaktune New Boston NH Cobb Pro Tuner

    Hey All, Just wanted to give a shout out to Jason at Freaktune in New Boston NH. So a little backstory, I picked up my 14 GTI back in May of 22. Quickly went stage 1 Cobb with a Stratified tune. The car was pretty solid at that, I wasn’t looking to do anything crazy. However my stock turbo was...
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    Another CBFA Downpipe Post

    EuroSport, the cat however is stamped Magnaflow
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    Another CBFA Downpipe Post

    This is a pic of mine, post cat spacer only. Slightly angled to clear the brace , viewing from the back end, passenger side. Mid insert. CBFA, single 400 Cell cat . About 3k miles no light since install. Had a light prior to install of the spacer
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    Is an OE S3 intercooler sufficient?

    I think I would ask myself, what my future plans truly are? Stage 2?Is it KO4? Bigger? From what I gather S3 intercooler is mild upgrade to stock, so if your just looking for a factory upgrade an not planning on bigger turbo then it might be worth it for a little added cushion.. But you already...
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    Golf 6 GTD Trunk letter position - how/where?

    I doubt there are specs to exact placement but usually the GTI is in the bottom left corner of the hatch as you likely already know..Sort of centered under the brake light.. May be best to find another GTI an grab some quick measurements if it bothers you that much.. If it's in the right...
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    Broken manifold stud, Advice..FML

    Just a follow-up. I appreciate all the info everyone provided here. Despite the fact that id like to "do it right" an fix the issue I took the low road and just bolted the new turbo up without it. Few reasons 1 if I attempted to fix I was afraid id mess it up even worse as I have 0 experience...
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    Feeling sluggish in 1st-3rd gear

    With the amount of miles you have I would consider the stock turbos wastegate flapper could be failing, its a relatively common issued on the IHI K03. I just replaced my turbo at 110k, I had a rattle noise (Even with the anti rattle clip on it) an was getting low/inconsistent boost symptoms. I...
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    Clutch will not bleed! Help

    First off, disclaimer I am by no means an expert. I just had my trans out to replace the clutch. Its the second clutch I've done in my life. Anyway to the point . I've heard these clutches can be a bitch to bleed. Ultimately I upgraded to an ECS tuning bleeder block.. I had heard the stock...
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    I'm done with ECS

    I picked up my 14 GTI about 4 months ago, being new to the platform I've found ECS tuning to be overall a great resource for parts and information. Almost everything they sell has the install instructions right there for you.You can find almost anything you will need in 1 place. I've spent...
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    Vanity Plate Translations

    Our state has an optional "Moose" plate that shows a picture of a Moose on the left side. I saw a guy with a Moose plate and it read KNUCKLE. Aka moose knuckle.. Genius!!! IQ 1000.... Then I had to explain it to my wife...
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    Is changing tensioner worth it 2014 GTI?

    Its interesting, I picked up a 14 GTI about 4 months ago, I have 115k on the clock right now. An I read all kinds of horror stories about the timing chain and tensioner ect.. However when I called several local VW shops inquiring about putting in a new chain/ tensioner in, they all acted...
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    Another CBFA Downpipe Post

    Beluga racing cat back which is 2.5". It's not a bad system it was cheap but seemed to get good reviews.. Its on the quiet side. Only time it gets noticably loud is under heavy throttle.
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    Another CBFA Downpipe Post

    The downpipe was 550 I think. It is really good quality, it came with the cat, they advertise as 400 cell. But looking at it it says magnaflow right on the cat so Eurosport must source it from them. I can't speak to how detrimental it is for performance but like you said 1 400 cell shouldn't...