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  1. killfish

    Don Valley Auto Collision

    Has anyone had any collision work done here? Are they any good? I have some damage to the front of my car (hood, grill, driver side fender, etc) and I want it put back to the way it was when it was new. I was hoping that an actual VW shop would be more accountable in making sure the car get's...
  2. killfish

    Clutch centering tool.

    Does anyone have one of these for me to borrow/buy? I'd buy it from ECS but I don't feel like paying $20 for shipping $7 tool. Cheers
  3. killfish

    Conti EC DW or new BFGoodrich comp2s?

    I'll be getting a new set of summers in may and I was wondering if anyone is running the new BFG comp-2s. I've read some reviews and they have been getting very good feedback, but they are also 3 pounds heavier than the contis. Does anyone have any experience with these two tires? Links...
  4. killfish

    Another Diesel Geek thread

    Just installed it and it's fucking amazing. Throws are super short and the side to side is awesome as well. It doesn't bind at all like the TWM SS I had previously and I didn't have to adjust it all after locking it into the "home" position (adjusted it just like the OEM shifter). This...
  5. killfish

    Some OEM 16s up for sale.

    Some 16s up for sale - minor scratches and a few scuffs. $225 for the set.
  6. killfish

    FS: TWM short shifter

    TWM short shifter for sale: $85 bucks. SOLD
  7. killfish

    Anyone rocking these shifter bushings? I was thinking about pairing them with European "shorter" shift kit and call it day. I was also thinking of trying the diesel geek short shifter but I like the smoothness of the OEM shifter, but I don't like how long the...
  8. killfish

    Shannonville Drag strip!

    Anyone interested in hitting up shannonvile May 11 for some fun?
  9. killfish

  10. killfish

    Internet Slang & Popular Phrases that Bother You

    Simpsons did it. LCcZqcPOlNM As most other 20 somethings we were raised on The Simpsons so we tend to carry a lot of their slang around with us. We started using Feh as Meh aggressive cousin. Try it out, it's fun to say. Feh! Killifish eat your veggies... Feh!
  11. killfish

    Anyone else itchin' to get their winters off :)

    I can't wait to get these marshmallows off and get back to cruising with my windows down. woot woot.
  12. killfish

    Fuel reserve.

    I just had a close call getting to a gas a station (range 0 KM for about 15 additional kilometers). Does anyone know exactly how much extra gas we have in reserve?
  13. killfish

    WTB: BSH pendulum mount

    Seems to be one of the more love/hate modifications so I thought I would check here if anyone wants to sell theirs before I go to a vendor. Let me know, cheers.
  14. killfish

    3/5th gears are not disengaging smoothly

    Kind of a weird problem - after driving somewhat spiritedly I'm getting some resistance when disengaging 3rd and 5th gear. There's no grinding, it's just not disengaging without some effort. I'm going to try bleeding the line again tomorrow (maybe the was still some air in the there from when...
  15. killfish

    Over Powered Powerwheels Snow Jam Barbie Jeep vs. Corvette vs. F150 vs. Mustang

    Unitronic just posted this to their Facebook page. Looks like so much fun! cM2SWNCes5g
  16. killfish

    FS: Catted Billy Boat downpipe

    *SOLD* FS: Catted Billy Boat downpipe SOLD!! Price drop... 400 bucks. Buy it! Anyone in Toronto interested in a catted Billy Boat down pipe? Paid $750 CAN (with taxes) in July, and I asking $400 CAN. Let me know... I'm not sure how much it would cost to ship, but if you're willing to pay for...
  17. killfish

    South Bend clutch break-in.

    For anyone with a South Bend kit - how long did you wait before letting it rip? I'm at about 300 kms and I haven't taken it passed 4000 rpms and have only been giving the car about 1/4 throttle. I've read around 750 kms is about the proper break-in period for a new clutch kit. Is this about...
  18. killfish

    Axle bolt part number?

    I did some searching around but I couldn't find the part number. Anyone know what it is?
  19. killfish

    "Shaved" front emblem pics/opinions?

    I'm replacing the hood, grill and bumper cover on my car (damaged) and I was thinking about removing the front VW emblem. I think Penrose had it done but I couldn't find any of his pics. I'm on the fence about doing it, can you guys post some pics/opinions? Cheers.
  20. killfish

    Clutch/S3 IC install question.

    Are there any special tools I need to install those items? I have a the sockets for the axle nut and CV shaft bolt, but I was wondering if there might be any other items that wouldn't be in a normal (domestic) tool box.