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  1. v-dug

    "Gone in 91k" - VW engine version

    So here I am at 91k miles and I'm looking for a new engine. So what gives? I would seriously like to hear your thoughts. I've been APR Stage 1 since 25k miles. Changed the oil with OEM Castrol every 5k miles and OEM filter. Carbon cleaning done last year at about 85k. No signs of a problem, but...
  2. v-dug

    WTB: TSI / CCTA engine for 2011 GTI

    Anyone have a lead on a good, maintained CCTA engine? I just moved to Phoenix AZ last week and this week my GTI has a bent valve that impacted the piston. Yes, I switched to the 91 octane tune, no idea what happened but I'm SOL as I've been out of work for a while and we're buying a house here...
  3. v-dug

    Apparently my neighbors don't like VW's. . .

    Took me 17 hours in my GTI a few weeks ago to replace all 4 speakers and add a powered box in the rear! Granted, this was the first time and there was a learning curve on the molex connectors and such. On topic, I'm surprised at how much of a douchebag your neighbor is. I live in the south...
  4. v-dug

    Rear speaker (2-door) housing improvement?

    So I've done a lot of searching and couldn't find anything on this really. Setting: I'm replacing all stock "component" speakers with Polk db6501 components. They get great reviews and have a low 35hz range. I already have a decent Pioneer headunit with an 8 band equalizer (40hz to 10khz). I...
  5. v-dug

    OT #27: Hot as Bawls Everywhere

    OK, I don't usually OT but that looks like he's becoming someone's prison bitch for the first time.
  6. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    My co-worker is having problems with her new WRX with 2k miles on it. Takes multiple tries to start up when cold. They gave her a loaner for a few days and are telling her it will likely need a new tune to fix the issue but that's months away. Apparently a few people have had this problem...
  7. v-dug

    Its your duty as an American to go see The Interview

    I was originally hoping Sony would discount the movie just to make sure as many people saw it as possible! My wife said Sony should rile up the right wingers and get them all to come see it 'cause MERICA, packing heat and everything.
  8. v-dug

    Its your duty as an American to go see The Interview

    Well, they have officially won. Not joking:
  9. v-dug

    Its your duty as an American to go see The Interview

    You know, I wanted to go see it just for that reason. Now all the theaters are canning it. Oh well!
  10. v-dug

    Feeler: Stg 1 2011 GTI in NC

    OK, so testing the waters here. I was planning on keeping my GTI forever, and I absolutely love it, but.......I'm really tempted to get back into a Subaru with the new WRX. Had Subarus for 12 years and miss their quirks! Any interest in my GTI out there? All my details are in my build thread...
  11. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Nah, I gave it the full beans a few times and noted the bump above 20 on the gauge, then settling to about 15 I believe. It was mostly the higher gears that were disappointing. But the stock GTI is disappointing in the higher gears too :) But maybe you're right, and the car just needs a few...
  12. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Personally, I love Serrons. And your wheels Dan ;) But back on topic, the WRX wheels are so stupid looking. I'm not a huge fan of the black wheel craze to begin with, and Subaru did the WRX no favors with those wheels for sure.
  13. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Especially considering the MK7 you picked up even has more power than the stock MK6, and will make a LOT more power with a stage 1 tune. And still weighing much less than the WRX. I'm saying this as a Subaru fanboi!
  14. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    So I went by and test drove a 2015 WRX today and thought I'd give my comparison between it and the GTI. First, a few caveats: (1) It only had 5 miles on it so I didn't want to rag on it. So only reved to 4k most of the time, 5k once. (2) There's the theory that engines "loosen up" and get...
  15. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Chris, I had a 04 Forester XT. It was purposefully under-rated, really put out 260CHP, and had a crazy 4.44 drive ratio. It was unbelievable off the line, but from a roll my Stage 1 GTI would leave it. There is more driveline loss, but even more so the new WRX is what, 300lbs heavier than an...
  16. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    I came from the Subaru world and a Stage 1 tune is pretty tame. I wouldn't be worried. And the new WRX is a different/new engine than the old EJ. Downside is not as much experience tuning, but it's not brand new since it's been in the Forester for a while. Subaru reliability isn't perfect...
  17. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    I'm really thinking about getting a WRX now. As far as comparisons, what do you say? - stock for stock MK6, WRX is faster from a dig and on the highway? - stock WRX to Stage 1 MK6: WRX has the dig (AWD) but does the Stage 1 GTI leave it on the highway? GTI is a lighter car with more torque. -...
  18. v-dug

    2002 Porsche 911 Convertible

    I plan on picking up a used (4 year old) sports care in a few years and I keep bouncing back and forth between the 2014 Corvette Stingray and a Porsche Carrera S. Even though the Vet is a better power/$ bargain, I keep thinking I'd regret not getting a Porsche. CSB
  19. v-dug

    Switching Jobs

    If you loved your job/company, I'd tell you to go out and make new friends. Sometimes old friends hold you back in life, or more accurately, you can hold yourself back by being afraid of letting go of the past. HOWEVER, that doesn't appear to be your case. Sounds like you aren't fulfilled by...
  20. v-dug

    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    Saw a new white WRX in the parking deck today. Walking around it, it didn't look that bad. Viewed from the side, the back half of the car looks OK; it doesn't really look Corolla to me, but does look like everything else these days. I was actually annoyed a bit with how front...