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    Next gen GTI to come with 240hp/260 ft-lb stock?

    +1 Plus VW is one of the more expensive budget brands anyway.
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    Had a realization yesterday.....

    Hey man, I won't lie to you having a nice car is an amazing feeling. Just make sure it's not your top priority. If it's something you do for a hobby or fun, that's great. But if you live, sleep, eat GTI then maybe you need to take a step back and look at what you're really doing with your life...
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    My parents need help, gonna have to sell my GTI :(

    My parents are about $19k in debt and need help otherwise their house will be taken. I think I'm gonna have to sell my GTI so I can pay off their debts. I know I will miss this car greatly, but life isn't fair and it's not like I live in a third world country. I'll still have a car, just won't...
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    Does your mood about your GTI change depending on it's condition?

    Do you feel more love for your GTI when it's clean/waxed/vacuumed compared to if it is dirty? I just detailed mine and I noticed I feel a lot more pride for owning a GTI. I even got a few compliments from a couple young women this morning. "I love your car!" and "Nice color, those wheels really...
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    Petition to investigate Chris Dodd Please sign, thank you.
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    Just checked my oil and it's a quart low

    I'm at 5400 miles, should I just change the oil + filter or top it off? Also, is it normal for these engines to use that much oil within the first 5000 miles?
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    Tax Return?

    I've never owed money on taxes, I usually end up getting around $200-500 refund. I do my own taxes, I really don't have any dependents and I live on my own so...
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    I was just about to get rid of this car...

    Because the shifter was way too hard to get into gears and I was grinding gears. Then I had an idea, what if it's the dogbone insert? So I removed the insert, and wow it's like butter smooth shifts and the car moves so much easier from a stop. No more vibrations, the car doesn't jerk if I don't...
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    Focus ST First Drive (Taking Stabs at the GTI)

    It's true, having the rear end come out is a lot more fun that just staying planted through the corner. Notice I said FUN.
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    Best way to spend $2000, already stage 2 :)

    Need some opinions of what you think is the best way to spend $2000 in mods. I was thinking of the h&r cup kit, wheels and new tires since I want to start tracking the car this year. I also like power, so maybe intake, inter cooler and a nice cat back.
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    Weird hazy circles in the paint?

    I don't know how to describe it, but my hood has several small circles that look like imperfections under the clear coat. It's like a white-ish powder looking texture, but I can't clean it off and at certain angles in the sun you can't even see them at all. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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    2011+ Mustang GT

    The power gets old after a while, unless you are the type of person who can go to the drag strip every other week. As a daily driver, my mustang GT was not as comfortable as my GTI... but it definitely made me feel "cool" while the v8 rumbled at stop lights. If you can get one for less than...
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    Beetle R

    "It's basically a Scirocco R, but it's FWD" Well, it's not a Scirocco R then is it?
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    C&D review the 9th gen SI(will not happy at all)

    Gti with A/C on is a nightmare trying to drive a manual...
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    Bought some products, are these safe to use?

    I bought a whole bunch of detailing products today and plan on cleaning the car tomorrow, I was wondering if these were safe to use? I never used surf city before, but they seem to make quality stuff. Edit: Sorry for the huge picture, will try to resize it.
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    APR Stage 2, Car hesitates on WOT

    When I first got flashed stage 2, I had the same problem but it went away after a week. Now a month later and it's doing it again, but this time it's worse! The engine noise goes up and down over and over until finally it catches and its fine til the next gear and does it again.
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    Louisiana/Mississippi Meets?

    I am looking for any VW/GTI meets in the LA/MS area, doesn't matter the size. I just want to look at other owners rides and get some ideas for what I want to do to mine.
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    Would you become a donating member?

    Well I voted no, but after reading your post I guess I would donate $5/yr.
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    2013 Shelby GT500 & Rest of the Mustangs

    Ford just keeps throwing the gauntlet down, "Oh yea, well take this!"