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  1. davesxx01

    2013 Golf R 2 Dr Sat Nav Madison, WI area

    Gotta let her go, lots of goodies on it! Questions? Fire away!! Car is gone! Traded in.
  2. davesxx01

    A/M intake engine cover!

    Did ya all know there is a BKS TTS engine cover group buy on? It ends today so if you have an aftermarket intake on your R and want the TTS cover kit get going!! It's on the Golf R Owners Group on facebook. Current pricing on this was $129 as of last night, a few more people are needed to get...
  3. davesxx01

    Did U buy a used '10 RB 2 dr GTI DSG?

    I traded a awesome 2010 GTI in at Hall VW in Milwaukee and am looking for the new owner. It may have been traded to another dealer in the area. If you've purchased a used GTI in the last 8 months that's Shadow Blue, 2 door, and has a DSG please contact me! Last 4 of the vin is 8350 I have...
  4. davesxx01

    APR announces Update to Stage III!

    Nice! Their new beta update is now 454 CHP, up from 420! And Torque at 431 up from 410! Looks to be a lot smoother also! With a big increase in mid range torque! Beta Update: Old: But! the best news (for me anyway) is they will have an update to their Stage II+ file also! Been considering...
  5. davesxx01

    Madison area facebook group.

    Haven't heard of or found a Madison, WI area facebook page so I started a new group. If your from the area please join up! Its called: Mad City V.A.G. Owners This link may work also: It's for meet n greets, cruises, selling stuff, general...
  6. davesxx01

    A/M flywheel weights?

    I know there are a ton of A/M clutch threads and discussions but I'd like to know more about A/M flywheels. Lots of conflicting info out there Stock DM is either 20 (per HPA) or 29# (seems like 29# is the most posted weight) HPA is 14# APR (DXD) is 19# (APR & Southbend is the same) CM is...
  7. davesxx01

    Stage 2+ R vs 6.0 GTO

    Last night, while in Mexico, I was at the local hang out and there was this loud GTO in the lot. Toyed with a few other cars there and had easy kills. A Nismo 370, G35, WRX, Z28, Speed 3. The Speed 3 was my only real competition as he had Cobb stage 2 with full turbo back, front mount IC and...
  8. davesxx01

    2014 GTD?

    Golf 7 GTD Wow! I'd strongly consider selling my "R" for this!
  9. davesxx01

    APR now offers ESP delete!?!

    Wow! Didn't know that. Oh well, I paid my $100 to the other guy. :(
  10. davesxx01

    Loba LO380 turbo,,,,,

    Anyone have a spare $2800 laying around? I'd love to try this!!! I promise to give a full review!!!:thumbsup: state-of-the-art LO-2580 “Extended Tip” billet compressor wheel – unique...
  11. davesxx01

    Anyone using the W.A.L.K. on the "R"?

    Just wondering if there is any real results using this on the AWD platform. Had it on my old GTI and the benefits were great! Now sitting in a box as I'm unsure I'll notice any benefits due to the AWD. Thoughts/comments?
  12. davesxx01

    Stock turbo assy

    I have a prefect shape/working stock turbo from my 2010 GTI (IHI) comes with N75 and divert er valve (G) Has less than 7K on the turbo. Best reasonable offer! Thanks Dave
  13. davesxx01

    FS: New TSI updated intake manifold

    SOLD!!! Need a intake to modify, or did your old one break? I have the new updated manifold with gasket and no longer need Thanks! Dave
  14. davesxx01

    Hey mods,,, Zach,,, ???

    Love but,,,, It there any way we (us "R" owners) can get a "Techinical" thread also like the GTI 2.0 and Golf 2.5 have. Having everything bunched up in this "general R forum" kinda sucks. Anyone else have thoughts on this also?
  15. davesxx01

    Pic request! H&R Sport or VWR springs

    Anybody have good before and after side shots? Looking for a small drop and a ride that is still somewhat smooth for my extended highway trips. VWR springs: Site claims 10-15mm front drop and 8-13 rear drop. H&R claims 3/4" lowering but history shows they do much more than that. Much...
  16. davesxx01

    DG springs on a R?

    First post as a new R owner! I have a set of DG springs from my GTI and wondering how it would look on the "R"?? Or if its even possible!
  17. davesxx01

    UR Downpipe

    It has a 200 cell metal cat and is resonated. $650 new. Selling for $300. Plus shipping. Thanks!
  18. davesxx01

    Madison GTI part out.

    Hey all, I am trading my car in for a "R" this weekend. It is currently at Accumoto getting all the goodies stripped off. Looking for a local sale for all the stuff. (Madison/Milwaukee/Chicago) Most of my stuff is listed here: I also have a...
  19. davesxx01

    Mfrs/venders? What's the future for us??

    I'd like to ask ALL the vendors/ designers/ manufactures a serious question that should not start any flame wars. What is the future of our engines??? We, the consumers, would like to know which direction we should be looking. Meaning simpaly, is the FSI or TSI in your future for further...
  20. davesxx01

    My 2010 GTI K04 for sale!