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    I had similar issues. Replaced throttle body with no improvement. Dealer suggested replacing ECU next but could not confirm if this was the actual problem since I was tuned (APR stage 1) and the codes were all over the place. Instead of attempting the ECU replacement, I had the APR tune removed...
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    EPC light and RPM fluctuation

    A few weeks ago while driving on the highway, the car sputtered / died and EPC light came on as well as "!" cruise control fault. Started the car back up and it drove okay for a few miles, then it started to sputter and got CEL (code P0121 - Throttle Position Sensor). Idle would oscillate wildy...
  3. eldiablo1

    WTB: resistor for aftermarket LED tail

    Let me know if you happen to have one. Can't stand the thought of paying OPD $25 to ship this small $10 part. Thanks!
  4. eldiablo1

    FS: (NJ) Koni FSD Damper set

    SOLD Struts / shocks are in good shape. Less than 2 years old with 30k miles. 1 front strut was missing the original white plastic washer (rolled away / disappeared in the garage after removal) but my mechanic provided a plastic washer which serves same purpose. $150 picked up in central NJ...
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    FS: (NJ) H&R Sport springs

  6. eldiablo1

    FS: APR Carbonio intake

    SOLD APR Carbonio stage 1 intake in excellent condition. No scratches, no yellowing carbon fiber. $175 shipped or $150 picked up in (or around) Medford NJ.
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    RS3 coming to the America

    Nice. But not willing to pay $60k for it.
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    FS: Koni STR.T struts / shocks - NJ

    Selling my set of Koni STR.T struts / shocks with less than 2k miles on them. As you'd expect they are in great condition. These ride great with lowering springs but I'm taking a new direction. SOLD
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    FS: Fumoto oil drain valve

    Fumoto F106N for VW. $15 shipped. Works great. Replaced this with a shorty version when I replaced my oil pan.
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    Big shopping cart

    I saw that cart in a parade last year. Pretty rad.
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    Alignment shop; south jersey cherry hill area

    I'll be installing a WALK soon and will need an alignment. Redline speedworx is a 65 mile drive from my home in Medford. Not sure I want to drive it that far after I get the kit installed. Any reputable shops in the cherry hill, mount laurel, mount holly area? I visited a few local shops...
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    People with Children

    I've given up on attempting to hide mods from the wife... never ends well. Like the time I tried to "sneak" my car to the tuner for a stage 1 tune... well, the ECU bricked and I was without a car for a week. Hard to hide that. :( I also have 2 kids. Modding is less of a financial constraint...
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    POLL: Dog name

    can't decide? name it plac...
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    Dog for dinner...

    Very cool. Do you plan on warning your neighbor or will you sit back while nature takes care of the yappy dog? That would be something to see. Keep the camera handy. ;)
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    Does the dealer want your car?

    The dealers are always looking out for your best interest. Have they told you how much money they will be saving you by trading in your precious?
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    FS: 18" Enkei Tuning Raijin Gunmetal (NJ)

    $800 - SOLD picked up in central / south NJ. Set of (4) 18x8 Enkei Tuning Raijin Gunmetal wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 225/40/R18 max performance summer tires. Wheels have 18k miles on them and are in excellent condition with zero curb rash. · Offset: 45mm ·...
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    Going to Japan and Thailand for 3 weeks... any hints?

    I used to go to Bangkok for work in the late 90's for serious (and cheap) wining, dining and debauchery before my industry developed regulations for this sort of stuff. What a mess. I can't comment on what it's like now, but it was one of the most fun & crazy places I've ever visited. Glad I got...
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    FS: AFE Pro Dry S Drop In Filter

    Sold! Used for approximately 15k miles. In perfect condition. Original packaging. Will include a lollipop. For more info click here.
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    FS: Ferodo DS-2500 brake pads

    $25 shipped US. These were used for 1 track day and have 4mm remaining which will be good for another track session. (2mm is the minimum to run these). Info on these here.