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    2013 bluetooth audio controls

    So I have an '11 tdi with touchscreen and I can connect my bluetooth for music and phone. However, I can't change the song from the bluetooth, i have to change it via the phone. I had a loaner of a 2013 passat and I could change the song via the the touchscreen. Is there a software upgrade i...
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    For sale is my APR intercooler. Had it un-installed last night. The thing is huge, I was pretty surprised. I didn't see it before it got installed. Anyway, it has about 15k miles on it, and it's in great shape. Looking for $750 shipped.
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    Part out: APR k04, APR FMIC, Conti DWS

    FS: APR k04, APR FMIC sold
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    APR k04 spark plug wear

    So there's a lot of buzz over the R8 coil packs and changing out the plugs with the k04 kits. So I got involved in the HS Tuning offer. Wanted to post pics of my stock plugs. I have 24k on the odometer, about 16k with the k04 kit, and I've run the stock plugs the entire time. I know nothing...
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    Conti DWS

    got out of the stock Pirellis for the DWS's. really happy with the decision thus far. Finally don't have wheel spin third gear which makes a big difference. Road noise is also decreased and I feel like bumps are less jarring. For ~$620, they seem like a great tire. Also surprised that my...
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    need tires, now that winter is closing (hopefully)

    I'm on the stock pirellis still but am in need of some new rubber. I have 20k on the stock tires but with the k04, I've spun them up pretty good. So here's my situation. I'll be getting rid of the GTI come December of this year, so I'm basically looking for a badass summer tire that I can...
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    GTI, great car

    I travel a lot for work and am always excited when I get to the Hertz counter to see what kind of car I'm going to get. Yet, every time I get home, I get back in my GTI and just realize that it's one of the best cars out there. It has a little bit of everything: good handling, good interior...
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    VW 4motion? can we get an AWD car?

    ^^^^ funny thing is, I already have the k04 in my gti, so I was thinking when I traded in my GTI, I'd just throw it in a tiguan and let her drive it, I can drive it on weekends etc... I just like the way the Passat drives, it's super quiet, it's a little bit bigger, a lot of space on the...
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    VW 4motion? can we get an AWD car?

    ^^^ $30-35k with 4 motion would be a full loaded GLI with nav, the absolute top of the line offering. They could offer an SE or SEL with 4motion in the $24-26k range, even at $28k I'd be shocked that it wouldn't draw interest.
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    VW 4motion? can we get an AWD car?

    So my GTI is in the shop and I got a Passat loaner. I'm pleasantly surprised with the car, it's very quiet on the inside. It's not a mercedes, but for the price point, it does it's job fairly well. As I look for a new car for my wife, I want to get her a sedan with AWD. The only option VW...
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    BMW X1 vs. Golf R

    ...anyone else feel like the X1 is everything the Golf R should have been? For the same price point, you can get a decent X1, turbo motor, awd, AUTO TRANS. Even if you only get the Xdrive28i, you're still in a turbo motor, 240 hp, and you can throw on one of those JB4 tunes for ~$300. the...
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    Does VW kick-back money to dealer for maintenence?

    I took my gti to the dealer for my long cranking issue, but the dealer was super pressing about my 10k oil change and tire rotating. I have 13k on the car and I told him that I had done it on my own at 12k (change my oil every 3k). He also (conveniently) couldn't replicate my long crank issue...
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    Long cranking

    I have a 2012 k04'd GTI with 13k on the clock. For the last week, I'm having to to crank the car much longer than usual to get her started. To note, it only happens when the car hasn't been driven for a while (overnight). If I drive throughout the day it will start up no problems. I took it to...
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    FS: barely used H&R Sport Springs

    For sale are my H&R Sport Springs. They have maybe 3,000 miles on them. I wanted to get something while waiting for coilovers and I thought these had a very nice drop on them. Buying them new is $229 +shipping and taxes, but I'll let them go for $170 shipped. Again, not many miles on these...
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    SB Stage 3 Disc-only review

    Background I have a '12 GTI and went k04 after 5k miles. The stock clutch held enough to daily drive the car but it would slip under hard acceleration in 3rd-6th. I made it 11k miles without any further deterioration in performance/clutch slipping. Inevitably, I needed to change the clutch...
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    GTI MKVII to have 260bhp!

    unless they definitely address the LSD or make other changes, I don't know how the GTI will be able to handle 230+ hp in stock form without spinning wheels or pinging traction control. think about how much wheel spin we get with a stage one tune at 250 hp. I'm more hopeful that the haldex...
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    1 Detroit, $80 shipped

    I have one Detroit that is a bit curbed, but instead of just tossing it, I figured I'd throw it up to see if anyone has interest. Shipping is going to be about $40, so i'm not really looking to make a huge profit on it. It comes off my 2012, and only has 6,800 miles on it, I just dinged a curb.
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    Valentine 1, Savvy too?

    So I was just about to order my Valentine and I saw this new/newer thing they are pushing called Savvy. Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this? My concern is the install on it as it says you have to plug it into the "OBD diogonostic port" that a pain in the ass? I guess...
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    Going on a long trip

    So I'm moving from Florida back to the northeast, about a 1,200 mile trip. I have a '12 with 7k miles on it. I'm just wondering if there's any necessary prep work I should do beforehand. I'm going to do he basics like get my oil changed, make sure tires are full of air, etc. I guess my main...
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    1st suspension mod opinion

    I have a little bit of money saved up and wanted to start working on my suspension as I'm pretty much done with my motor. I will not be buying coilovers, but plan on doing springs, sways, anti-lift kit, and UB brace. My question is, which one would you do first? I've always gone with springs...