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    Selling parts.

    Window rain guards?
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    NY is locked down until May 15, then will reopen slowly as well (restaurants and such). Luckly I am upstate Rochester area about 5 hrs away from the city.
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    034 street density mounts

    About 20k miles on them. Sold the car. $175
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    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    This whole thing is fascinating to me (as i am an economist), however terribly worrisome. I have been trying to teach myself to think outside the box in terms of natural disasters and investment opportunities. When all this happened i didn't even thing about the affect it would have on the...
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    catless down

    RAI J spacer, second jet, works every time all the time. 85% of us have been running this no issue. Havent had a CEL in 2 years.
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    GTI Wastegate Rattle... Stopped?

    Do you have an aftermarket downpipe? I had a rattle and thought it was the wastegate but turns out it was the downpipe prong braking off from the rubber grommets. No more rattle because they are completely gone!
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    Hawk? EBC? StopTech? Other? What do you use and why?

    I literally just put in Stoptech Sport Slotted rotors and Stoptech street pads. Quiet, no dust yet although they advertise little to no dust at all. Feels like they bite about 30% better over stock. I like them and got them cheap through a guy i found on facebook. $360-$380 for all 4 corners.
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    ^ Agreed, I'm stage 1 with catted downpipe and Vibrant J spacer middle jet and never had a CEL. Worked first try.
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    Time for a new battery. Searched on Google, vwvortex, and here. Looking for a non light weight battery. Any suggestions?
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    Changes are coming

    I just click the date next to the last commenter and it brings me to the latest post in threads.
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Finally got my HPA puck installed this weekend. Took me about 90 mins. Can barely notice any NHV unless AC is on.
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    New RCD330 Plus Headunit with Mirrorlink/Carplay

    So I have had my RCD330 for a year or so now and just had my first few issues. 1.)Immediately when I start the car the radio starts playing for 1 second then sound cuts out but screen stays on. I have to hit the button to turn off then back on and its fine. 2.)When on radio, after about 1 min...
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    What did you do to your MK6 today?

    Basically he is saying that the tabs for the endlinks are welded on the outside (far side) of the diameter of the strut body, not perfectly centered (see my pic below). So he flipped them to be on the near side and closer to sway bar holes to shorten length of end links. Second pick shows...
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    I am looking at buying a used R rear bumper, and his has the slit (shown below) EDIT: I guess I could just email ECS Tuning and update everyone.
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    Circled. US has slit, Euro does not as seen in original post. Why is this different? Does something go there?
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    The Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread

    How come the US Spec and Euro Spec golf R bumpers are different? US has a horizontal slit under the licenses plate holder where as Euro doesn't? Does the US spec have something that goes there?
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    Custom Headlights

    Google or instagram evanbmx. He has a nice gti with custom headlights...
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    This forum is almost dead

    Coming from a Hyundai Tiburon forum this is a whole different world of activity, still excited each time I come here in hope to find a good deal on mods.... But over the past 3 years I have noticed a slowing rate of posts, however still way more active then my other platform.
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    Camera recommendations

    Also interested in this. Have read a lot about cameras and have been looking into Nikon D3300/3400
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    St coilovers

    ~24 in FTG and still have a few threads to go lower if I wanted.