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  1. ewgrosschris

    Matching Springs for Bilstein

    Hi All, I was a previous owner of a GIAC Stage II Mk6, sold it, had a few cars in-between and now I'm back on a Red MK6, I had to come back it feels good to be home. However, I'm about to purchase new tires for this Detroits and also upgrade to a cup kit of some sort at the same time. I'm...
  2. ewgrosschris

    WTB: Red GTI SideMarkers

    Looking to grab these if you have these and are trying to go back to stock, let me know. I'm in the AZ / SoCal area.
  3. ewgrosschris

    Ewgrosschris - Build Thread

    2012 - Tornado Red - DSG - Two Door 34,500 miles. Hello Everyone and its great to be back! I bounced around a few different cars after selling my 2010 CW 2Door GTI But I'm Back. This will most likely be a slow build process (With the new kid), and I'll be relying on this forum to be as...
  4. ewgrosschris

    Old mk6 owner returning.

    Hello all I had a 2010 gti and to make a long story short I traded into a few cars over the years and currently have a 2012 cooper s. I'm about to putt the trigger on a decent dsg 2010 black 2 door. I wanted to know what kind of service I should be looking at since it is at 79000 miles. If i...
  5. ewgrosschris

    New Car. Must be manual.

    Mods, please move to General Discussion. Sorry.
  6. ewgrosschris

    New Car. Must be manual.

    I see quite a bit of Abarths used in my area, I'm not dead set on an abarth, just an option. Thanks for the info, I'd have to consider a mini with the new one on the horizon.
  7. ewgrosschris

    New Car. Must be manual.

    Hello all, Considering Fiat Abarth.. anyone drove one? I'm considering a new car (or used) main concern is manual and fun to drive. I've considered the Fiesta St but my rear end, doesn't fit in the sporty seats. Any suggestions, I sat in an abarth at the autoshow and was impressed. But I'm...
  8. ewgrosschris

    The College Thread

    Any engineering majors here? I've been thinking really hard about what order I should be taking classes. (I'm talking core classes). I went to a transfer fair yesterday, and alot of the talk was about not being core complete and leaving alot of the easier BS classes to take with the Serious...
  9. ewgrosschris

    The College Thread

    Ha. All my classes are 8AM. I'm most likely a special case where there is a community college across from my office. Its nice taking early morning classes then walk across the street into my office. I agree that these first two weeks have been awful. Such a waste of time.
  10. ewgrosschris

    Who can do brakes in Orlando/WPB?

    Hello South Eastern folks! I'm in need of some recommendations. I'm on a road trip in Orlando/West Palm Beach for the next few days, I desperately need new brakes on the rear. Any place that can do decent work for the right price? I got quoted $180 bucks from a VW dealership in Orlando, but...
  11. ewgrosschris

    need new phjone- suggestions?

    You just posted a picture of portillo's.... Now I'm sad.
  12. ewgrosschris

    The College Thread

    22 year old going back to college in Jan for engineering. Rather do it now then regret not doing it years from now.
  13. ewgrosschris

    need new phjone- suggestions?

    Agreed. Nova Launcher and using swiftkey fixes that.
  14. ewgrosschris

    need new phjone- suggestions?

    I'm just gonna end this now. Note 3 - Best High end phone out there. HTC One- Great Phone, don't be fooled about the whole megapixels thing. that 4mp camera takes better pictures then my 13mp note 3. Nexus 5- Best phone on the market for $350 off contract. It's beautiful. I've had all...
  15. ewgrosschris

    Snow Ski town/resort advice needed! Lower 48

    Anything in Park City, Utah. The Best Snow on earth. Totally awesome ski town. Main street is filled with awesome food as well.
  16. ewgrosschris


    Long time Apple Fan Boy here after having my first android phone years ago (Droid ERIS POS) Recently left the apple ecosystem for Google's. HTC One and now daily driving a Note 3. I love it, Android is much more stable now then it was, Apple has fallen behind Android keeps releasing behemoth...
  17. ewgrosschris

    New Product Idea - Truck Bed Cover

    Park City huh? Thats an awesome place to live. I've been every Winter since I can remember.
  18. ewgrosschris

    Yahoo Fantasy NBA league 2012-2013 season

    Never got my invite dude!
  19. ewgrosschris

    Yahoo Fantasy NBA league 2012-2013 season

    Could I get in on this?
  20. ewgrosschris

    Breaking Bad Tv Show Thread

    This is some BS. ahah.