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  1. callmegti

    Ssr professor sp1 3 piece

    Wts ssr professor sp1 Brand new 3 piece with new hardware Cognac copper 2 stage powdercoat 17x9 3 inch lip 17x10 4 inch lip Still have to measure offset but is pretty flush on a bagged Gti Looking to get 2500$ Will include tires wobble bolts and hub rings. All you need is to mount them on the...
  2. callmegti

    Eds reps led chrome

    Eds headlights 15led Led worked on one side for some reason probably needs vagcom which i don't have. Everything else works high beam turn signals etc. Headlight comes with 4300k hid with ballast. All tabs are intact. Have extra lens because the current plastic has some cloudiness inside...
  3. callmegti

    Oem Xenon non led for LED

    Just wondering if anybody is interested in trading oem xenon housing for LED housing. just found out i have a highline module to begin with so its worth a shot.
  4. callmegti

    SOCAL: gti bumper for sale

    Bumper cover 450$ Rock chips and some damage For sale lower dorbritz grill rare Is cracked on one area spit needs to be welded and sanded. Needs some work Painted candy white lower diffuser rock chips here and there 200$ Candy white side markers 80$ Gti fog lights one side has...
  5. callmegti

    P2404 CEL help

    P2404 EVAP Leak Detection Pump Sense Circuit: Implausible Signal this ran up when i checked in vagcom. anyone has had this problem before? I cleared the code but it comes back on after awhile. I don't really want to bring it to the dealership and pay 100 dollars per hour on labor. Any help...
  6. callmegti

    The Official Beer Thread

    christmas is my favorite time for beer lol.
  7. callmegti

    Help! Eds headlight led not turning on

    So I coded it for drl and led to turn on. Had to open the headlights and found that some wires weren't even connected I removed this Which I have no idea what it is for. But once I did that one side worked but the other side with the same wiring setup doesn't. Does anybody know what that...
  8. callmegti

    Rare zauber dish 2 fs/ft

    Rare zauber dish 2 3 piece 18x8.5 et 35 205/40/18 18x9.5 et 42 215/40/18 Powder coated white 24k gold hardware Polished lips Asking 1700$ obo or trade for other three piece wheels with similar specs 17s/18s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. callmegti

    Eds golf r replicas fs (SoCal)

    Everything works perfectly. Might need coding for the drl since it does not have one. Has a bit of the clear coat coming off but it can be wet sanded down and polished. Comes with morimoto 6000k hid ballast and replaced one bulb when I purchased it. Asking 375$ obo Willing to ship per buyers...
  10. callmegti

    Car alarm going off while driving

    i have no idea what is going on. I was driving today and was idling in a stoplight then all of a sudden my car alarm went off. It happened twice today. Anyone have any idea wtf is going on? I had to turn off my car and unlock the car in order for it to stop. Please help!
  11. callmegti

    Notch filler

    I was just wondering if anybody has this notch filler . I was hoping that it would be flush with the hood so i can kind of just color match it if i go badgeless for now till i can fill the notch.
  12. callmegti

    Childhood Restored!

    i remember that spirit bomb taking like 10 episodes to finish and it didn't even hurt freeza all that much. I am very excited for the new dragonball though :D
  13. callmegti

    Possibly repainting my car

    So i have an opportunity to repaint my car and get my bumpers shaved. It also gave me an idea whether i should change the color of my car. Any suggestions on color? or should i just stick with Candy white or some kind of pearly white. I guess my only concern would be the resale value of the...
  14. callmegti

    Callmegti's build

    Callmegti's build I have been a member for awhile but I haven't made a build page so here we go! Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics but that is all I could find of my car. Engine Stage 1 APR Unitronic intake R8 coils Oem style piston dv GFB DV + Neuspeed mkv thunderbunny center exhaust one off*...
  15. callmegti

    Alignment shop

    Looking for a good alignment shop in the san fernando valley. Any recommendations would be appreciated :D
  16. callmegti

    Looking to change coilovers

    I am looking to replace my budget coilovers with better coilovers. I was looking at BC racing coilovers and Ksport coilovers. I was wondering if anybody had experience with these coilovers. I like that these coilovers can go pretty low and has damper adjustability with camber plates. The...
  17. callmegti

    wheel repair socal

    i curbrashed my machined wheels pretty bad. Is there any shop that people can recommend to refinish machined wheels around the san fernando valley? thanks:(
  18. callmegti

    3sdm 0.05 staggered SOCAL

  19. callmegti

    Feeler/ft: 3sdm 0.05 staggered

    Just looking for a new look, kind of tired of the look of my wheels so looking what is out there! some curb rash in the rear and a very little curb rash on the passenger side front. Can be refinished because it is not too deep. The center caps have the clear coat coming off but it is common...