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  1. Aries Pope

    Insane Golf 5 GTI Crash at Nurburgring

    When the two wheels were about to go off he should have straightened the wheel and hit the right side wall with his right side and that would have been sucky but far less damaging and dangerous. Instead it appears he had the wheel turned when he went off trying to catch it, so the right side...
  2. Aries Pope

    Un-Knowledgeable Sales People

    First salesman I went to did this too. Then we went to a parking lot and he explained launch control. Then we did a slow donut and ramped up until ESC kicked in, showing how it worked. Ya know, a safety feature. Tested the ABS as well. :) I asked him if it would shift for me early in M...
  3. Aries Pope

    Sonny @ TireRack

    So when I got my last wheels and tires from tire rack, I managed to destroy a few of my centering rings on my previous wheels (also bought from TR) since I didn't follow the recommended TR advice and put some anti-seize on there. I also lost a center cap in my last auto-x. Since I couldn't...
  4. Aries Pope

    Sonic MS moved to San Jose

    Sonic Motorsports moved from Milpitas to San Jose in a suite at Club Auto Sport. It's a cool setup with a lot of small shops, a museum and event space. Lots of nice cars in the lot, several different speed shops and a bunch of private suites.
  5. Aries Pope

    17" Track Wheel That Fits Well With StopTech 328mm ST-40 BBK?

    I'm looking for some track wheels that I can run stickier tires (eyeing RE-11a) on for track-only use. I also plan to add a StopTech ST-40 328mm BBK when my rotors need replacing (soonish). I'd like a set of wheels that will clear the BBK without spacers or issues. I am considering 17" wheels...
  6. Aries Pope

    Effect of altitude on boost and tunes?

    So I went for a little driving holiday out in the mountains around Yosemite (Ebbett's Pass, Sonora Pass, etc). Fun as hell, but not the point of the thread, which is: do tuned turbos get altitude sickness? The peak altitude I hit was like 9260 feet, almost 2 mile above sea level. Near the...
  7. Aries Pope

    Poll: What color puddle lights?

    I'm looking to get the puddle/warning lights for my doors from Bold Sport: and I'm debating between the hyperwhite+red (left) vs. all red. I'm kinda leaning all red, but wondering if that...
  8. Aries Pope

    Evolution School : SCCA Phase 1&2 in Marina Dec 1

    I've been having issues getting to an HPDE 1 due to scheduling conflicts, but my driving instructor friend suggested I check out the Evo School (Evolution Performance Driving School) for Phase 1 and 2 SCCA autocross training. Thought I'd mention it. If you miss it, they're in Honolulu next...
  9. Aries Pope

    DCC on a U.S. GTI?

    I dug a little and couldn't find anything on this... Has anyone put the dynamic chassis control option onto a U.S. GTI without it? It seems like it would be expensive and lots of labor. Maybe the mk7 in the U.S. will have it as an option.
  10. Aries Pope

    What's your next car?

    Probably a CPO S4 when the wife's Civic dies. Give her the GTI as a new DD and take the S4 myself. Keeping my eye open for something new though....
  11. Aries Pope

    New APR K04 Squeak and Power Loss Issues

    So I just took a long road trip (600 miles) to try out the new K04, but I noticed a few issues and hoping someone has a thought to how to diagnose. I have a DSG, I don't have a boost gauge, just Torque which gives straight OBD2 like MAF and other stuff, not actual MAP. But I can log. It's...
  12. Aries Pope

    Enkei Raijin + Michelin Pilot Super Sports

    I installed my new Enkei Raijins in Hyper Silver this morning! I got them wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports, 225/40ZR18. First off, thanks to Tire Rack --- ordered the wheel & tire package through the sponsor link (Thanks, Sonny!) and was very happy with the packaging, mounting job...
  13. Aries Pope

    Recommendations for suspension install in bay area?

    I got DG springs and a full set of anti roll bars to get installed and was looking for a solid installer in the Bay Area. I'm considering Winn or 034, but was wondering if anyone knows a place closer to Santa Clara that would do a good job? I saw this place precision motorworks in Santa...
  14. Aries Pope

    MKVII to be built in Mexico

    And if they don't... well, they go the way of Saab.
  15. Aries Pope

    Summer Serrons or Swap?

    I'm buying some summer tires soon (probably Michelin PSS) and considering what to do about wheels. I kinda like my Serrons. So advice: should I keep the Serrons and put the summer rubber on them and get some used detroits or something for the pirellis AS stockers just in case I need them for a...
  16. Aries Pope

    Unibrace UB Review

    Historical Context: I got a Unibrace UB in the last group buy, and finally got it installed and tested out. I had waited since I was getting a downpipe, and it turned out that the Ultimate Racing Downpipe with Metal Cat and Resonator I got did NOT allow the Unibrace UB to fit without...
  17. Aries Pope

    APR Stage 2 vs Stage 2+ on TSI?

    I got flashed to APR Stage 2 today and saw the filename was APR Stage 2+ V1.2 Testpipe. What's the "+" for? I have a TSI, and was under the impression that the + for for HPFP on an FSI. I tried to search for it, but neither google nor the forums seem to let you search for the "+" symbol...
  18. Aries Pope

    Install Notes: CCTA Ultimate Racing Resonated Downpipe + Unibrace UB

    Thanks to plac for installing my Ultimate Racing downpipe (metal cat and resonator) and Unibrace UB today! He treated my car like his own. Thought I'd share a few notes here to help people considering similar installs in the future (already posted in my build thread). Plac's DIY is CBFA so...
  19. Aries Pope

    Compliments on GTI from Strangers?

    How often has a random stranger complimented you or asked you about your GTI? At least twice for me in a couple months of ownership: 1) The other day at a light the dude in the car next to me gestured to me, so I rolled down the window and he asked if my wheels (Serrons on the 2012 Autobahn)...
  20. Aries Pope

    Forza 4

    Finally got to play.... Blasted through driver level 10 then started doing the top gear reasonably priced car challenge against rivals. Over and over. Wow, you really do shake the wheel urging that Kia cee'd to move it! There's some insane times on there.... Im somewhere in the 1:45 range...