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  1. Roctre

    P2187 and P2279 codes

    So lean idle code and intake system leak code. I drove the car to see if I had any misfires or loss of power and well nada she runs like always pulling hard to redline and my car also ides nice and smooth at the normal idle point. I'm not sure what it could be at this point, maybe a bad pcv...
  2. Roctre

    Satin or gloss roof wrap?

    Can't make my mind up on which one to do. My car is CW.
  3. Roctre

    Need help with my rough idle when only warmed up

    Carbon cleaning just done a few weeks ago that fixed my cold start misfire but the misfire when the car is fully warmed up is still there and makes my car shudder/shake.
  4. Roctre

    Rear brembo brake upgrade

    Got my email from ecs today and they started selling these.
  5. Roctre

    17z with RSe05

    I was wondering if the 17z caliper will fit with RSe05 without spacers as I haven't been able find someone with that combo after hours of searching.
  6. Roctre

    Newish GTI owner

    Decided I would finally introduce myself after owning my GTI for about 6-7 months now. Current mods Godspeed downpipe/Borla catback Injen intake VWR springs Alzor style 349 powder coated bronze chrome Black badges front and back with a Jetta grille Black painted side skirts and rear valance/side...