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    Carbon cleaning

    Best way to get in touch with Max over at NorthEast Autobahn these days is by Facebook messenger or just head over and say hi lol.
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    102k miles, expensive preventative maintenence or start modding?

    I'm late to the party, but get that timing tensioner checked out ASAP. With your year, you may have the revised variant, but if not and it fails... It will be a costly repair. Our motors are mod friendly at any time pending you've kept the car well-maintained. Before any upgrades, you'd want to...
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    Yo I still love my k04 MK6. Maybe more now than ever.

    My MK6 GTI still puts a smile on my face every time I drive it and its still on the stock map! I might do some engine work this summer, but I'm struggling to justify it (as with the last 9 years) because I drive so slow. I have a semi aggressive rim and coil over setup.
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    Flutter After Going STG2 with DV+

    You got a euro tuning shop nearby? Maybe take it to them and have them check it out?
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    Rear camber

    +35 Yeah, believe it or not I'm still fine tuning the rear - its pokey but not toooo much... Its a balancing act between the chamber and ride height for the perfect fitment. :)
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    Pic Request 255-35-18x9 ET 40-45

    It really depends on your ride height though. At stock ride height you'll have little to no fitment issues with most of the setups mentioned - it'll just look weird. When you start lowering your car this is where you run into rubbing (turning issues) depending on how low you wanna go.
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    Aftermarket not flush? should i replace it with OEM ?

    That would bug the hell out of me.
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    Rear camber

    I run 18x9 +35 (all around) with 225/35s, and they are pretty stretched, poke, and require slight negative camber to fit. My setup is just touching the realm of stanced, but I kept it functional on the coil over adjustments. Here my passenger side booty to give you an idea of what it would look...
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    Beluga catback exhaust

    I'd weld the tips or use some JB weld.
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    At a loss... help!

    Tensioner $1k - $1.6k > Carbon cleaning $200ish? > Suspension $500-$2000 depending on long term goals > Brakes $500ish > Tires/Rims $1500ish > Tune $500-$2000 depending on goals and tranny. :) Modding isn't cheap, but you gotta pay to play. Also 'r8 coil packs' aren't necessary as they are...
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    Mk6 APR stage 2 vs Q60 3.0T unknown mods??

    Good kill. Those Q60s are like 2 tons lol.
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    Looking for input on exhaust upgrade

    If you're on a budget get the Borla Exhaust - it gurgles and pops like a champ. If money is no option, take a look at: Armytrix - Its valve system is pretty sweet and when open sounds mean as hell. Akrapovic - It is IMO the meanest grittiest cat-back you can get. The pops and bangs will...
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    Beginner Gti/Car owner and need help modding my first car

    This can't be stressed enough! Timing Chain Tension should be checked and replaced (if it hasn't been done). If this fails, you are in for a very large repair bill. You should also look at doing a carbon cleaning. When these are done, you can go nuts. Suspension > Rims/Tires > Exhaust > Tune...
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    Wanted to Say hi! (GTI Spotting in Boston)

    I'd bump it during a car show.
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    Wanted to Say hi! (GTI Spotting in Boston)

    Allchokedup, was it u? Visiting from Dallas?! :)
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    Wanted to Say hi! (GTI Spotting in Boston)

    Hey, You: Shadow Blue MK6 GTI (2010 with HIDS) - Borla or similar style Cat-back, Stock Wheels, and lowering springs... Think I also heard a BOV too? Me: Black, slammed and somewhat loud GTI with Bronze staggered wheels Time & Location: 8:45PM EST 6/14 on Washington St (Route 1)...
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    Coilovers and stock wheels

    I think you'll rub all the way down even with the stock wheels. Just make sure you get an alignment so you don't shred up your tires.
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    The Official Cool Story Bro Thread

    K04 and run away next time?? :D
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    Timing chain life expectancy

    Do the chain and tensioner at the same time. They can both cause a lot of moneys worth of damage if they go. I've been at 83k for 2 years now and finally had my chain and tensioner done thanks to the stimulus. I literally just had my GTI sitting (kept up with maintenance and what not, but put...