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  1. iiCaptain

    CBFA O2 Spacer

    Yeah that's what I've gathered. Unfortunately I tried using some spacers from china and my o2 sensor didn't fit, as it didn't go deep enough. I need 90 degree or 45 degree spacers because my o2 sensors barely fit in the tunnel as is, unless I could lay them level but even then I don't think that...
  2. iiCaptain

    CBFA O2 Spacer

    Ok I have done a lot of research and looked at past forums, and figured I might ask the question once again because most of the helpful ones are a decade old. With cobb's new green speed update new tunes no longer turn off the check engine light for P0420. Well I got a new tune and my check...
  3. iiCaptain

    Passed up what was my dream car to keep this gti

    Haha yea my buddy said the same thing. At least I know I got the most car for my money. I'm about to pass 70k miles so not sure how bad my struts are, probably have some life left in them. I'm going to look into what suspension upgrades I should get done. I've heard a dog bone insert does a lot...
  4. iiCaptain

    Passed up what was my dream car to keep this gti

    Just figured I'd share this, definitely didn't work out the way I expected it to. I've been looking for an s60r for a couple years now because I always thought they were really cool and rare cars. Unfortunately most owners beat the piss out of them and they're so rare it is difficult to find a...
  5. iiCaptain

    FS: VW Goals

  6. iiCaptain

    k24 Turbo (not k04)

    Yup all those supporting mods cost $$$, dont forget better tires and/or lsd because fwd... Basically I would have to fully commit and I'd rather spend that large sum of money on something faster from the factory. Gti is great speed for money but once you hit stage 3/k04 its a big investment.
  7. iiCaptain

    k24 Turbo (not k04)

    Yea after doing some research I would need to buy a separate manifold with a T3 flange just to put it on, and used K04 turbos go for cheaper than this K24 + the manifold so that's probably that. Also I would need to make a 3inch 3 bolt to 4 bolt adapter for the exhaust outlet of the turbo...
  8. iiCaptain

    k24 Turbo (not k04)

    My buddy is building up his s60r and is offering to sell me his old borg warner k24 turbo for $200. For $200 seems like a good deal, even though it is a bit old. I know it wouldn't bolt right up, but how difficult would it be to make it work? I have the accessport so I'm assuming I could get it...
  9. iiCaptain

    At what stage do you need to replace the clutch?

    Looks like you got it just in time. I'm stage two low torque right now and was looking to get the high torque version from stratified and be done, but now it looks like I won't be able to get a tune that doesn't disable the CEL for having no cat. Speaking of which do you guys have any solutions...
  10. iiCaptain

    Cobb Accessport Update

    Hello, I am running stage 2 on my mk6 with just a couple of parts: neuspeed p-flo intake and a cts catless downpipe. I have a stage 2 low torque 93 tune from stratified. At some point I was looking at either sending it and getting the high torque file and upgrading the clutch when it fails or...
  11. iiCaptain

    High Flow Catted Dowpipe & Exhaust CEL

    To my understanding the CEL can be taken away with a tune, but I don't have emissions here so I can't comment on that part of the question.