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  1. 12bluemk6

    IE Intake

    yep, I want to get rid of this thing so hit me up if you're interested and make me an offer!
  2. 12bluemk6

    IE Intake

    thanks for linking that, meant to include the ecs link in original post.
  3. 12bluemk6

    IE Intake

    price drop
  4. 12bluemk6

    IE Intake

    bump. taking reasonable offers
  5. 12bluemk6

    IE Intake

    CBFA (includes secondary air filter) Open box but still wrapped in original packaging. $300 Originally $380+tax Located in Sparta, NJ
  6. 12bluemk6

    Koni 1150 Series for Mk6 GTI $1200

    price drop. taking offers
  7. 12bluemk6

    Koni 1150 Series for Mk6 GTI $1200

    *SOLD* These have been sitting in my home for about 6 months. The box arrived beat up but everything looks good. Retail on ecs is $1600 + tax Retail on neuspeed is $1331 + tax...
  8. 12bluemk6

    Spark plug washer

    Anyone ever have a spark plug washer get stuck? Only one plug came out without a washer, the new ones have crush washers so I put the old back in... Tried a heavy duty pick. No luck... Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. 12bluemk6

    WTT: OEM 17" VW goals with slightly used Michelin A/S 3's

    Tired of looking at the same wheels. Figured I'd see if anyone local is looking to trade.. Located in North NJ No up close pics but will get for anyone interested, couple small scratches no bends/dents. PM if interested. Thanks
  10. 12bluemk6

    Boost pipe issues

    Having a rough idle after installing my boost pipes... I can feel the brake pedal vibrating quite a bit. No codes. I unplugged the maf let it reset and seemed to run better but slowly went back to idling rough. Could it really just be a small leak causing this? It's also slow to relearn that...
  11. 12bluemk6

    Eonon GA5153F

    SOLD Located in North Jersey. Used for a month or so. Perfect condition, screen protector never removed. 2 year warranty. $270+shipping Love the unit but it's just not something I need and bought on impulse. Don't hesitate to make an offer, but don't bother offering me $200. Thx Uni Stage...
  12. 12bluemk6

    Turbo manifold

    Hey guys, I'm looking to piece together a BT kit and can't really find much info on available manifolds that do not come in a kit. I have found that the mkv (FSI) has quite a bit of options available, one that I came across was a VF Engineering manifold. My question is, aside from issues with...
  13. 12bluemk6

    WTB: SPM or Eurojet test pipe

    SPM claims they can't sell me a test pipe because of EPA restrictions. Eurojet said they'd make me one but when I asked for an invoice I got no answer. I currently have the 200 cell catted piece in from SPM. Anyone have a catless pipe? Thanks. Located in NJ Uni Stage 2 | SPM DP | Magnaflow CB...
  14. 12bluemk6

    Front lip (custom)

    Has Anyone ever made a lip from say a jetta bumper? Saw one at the auto body shop behind my apartment thought about asking them if I could steal it... Would make for a decent lip if done right Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  15. 12bluemk6

    OEM parts FS + Dual 10" JL W3 in box, also RESONATOR DELETE

    Located in North Jersey. will consider shipping at buyers expense. Note that they are all all OBO! I need these things gone! Don't hesitate to make an offer, please! Stock headunit- $150 obo perfect condition Two JL 10" w3 subwoofers in box, amp will go with box for the right price. $300...
  16. 12bluemk6

    FS: Stock GTI tails great cond., OEM GTI grille

    Selling my stock tails and OEM grille. Also have the stock intake(Cbfa) and I will be taking my mud flaps off soon (OEM) Tails are mint- look brand new. However the bulbs are most likely dead. $50 OBO +shipping Grille- VW emblem scratched up a little from peeling off plastidip. GTI badge...
  17. 12bluemk6

    weird noise and vibes

    Hey guys, Posted a while back about this when I was on bent wheels. I might have messed up the hub but trying to get more input. I just got new wheels and tires and an alignment and I can feel a vibration coming from the back of the car. I especially feel it in the seat... When accelerating...
  18. 12bluemk6

    12 GTI vs 06 WRX limited

    Edit#2: an hour after I posted this, I scheduled an appointment for a stage 1+ Unitronic tune. UNI FTW!! This is most likely gonna happen soon. But I must consult the forum about some concerns haha. Were both stock. He has 144k and I have only 27k and an intake. Power numbers are so close...
  19. 12bluemk6

    rough idle help

    Hey guys, Some of you might have seen my thread about spark plug/coil pack issues. I have had a mechanic check em out and he thinks they're fine. So I have a question... I'm getting no codes on Torque, however I have a rough idle(not too bad) which shudders every five seconds on idle. I'll...
  20. 12bluemk6

    FS: Euro Switch and Stock intake

    Located in north NJ. Euro switch - $40 shipped Bought from a forum member and never used it. Stock intake - complete to turbo, CBFA make me an offer Thanks for looking!