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  1. dubbinit

    FS: HPA K04 & hardware

    DEPOSIT MADE I never got to selling this months ago, so here it is up with a price update! Long story short, I purchased the kit from another Vortex member in March with ~5,000 miles on it, and I waited to work up the cash for other supporting mods and the trip to have it tuned (as I have no...
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    Focal PnP Component set

    Any experience with this kit? It seems to be running off factory HU power though.. IFVW Golf 6 kit
  4. dubbinit

    Feeler: 2010 GTI APR Stage 2, 4-door DSG $16,000 (West Texas)

    SALE HAS ENDED. I am gauging interest on my daily driven 4-door 2010 GTI. I am located in El Paso, Tx. I am looking just to get it sold for near my pay off amount, which up until August 26th, 2012 is just change over $16,000. It has a tad over 37,000 miles, but is my daily driver, so it will...
  5. dubbinit

    Sputtering with a P0016 + more...

    Was out Saturday night, and as I am reversing to parallel park, my poor baby just begins to misfire insanely. Exhaust sound was fluctuating loud to quiet about 4 times per second, and my CEL was blinking. This thing was sputtering, and left me stranded. Thankfully, I borrowed my brother's car...
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    Yet, another "which suspension set-up best fits me" thread

    Yes, after the countless threads we see about individuals looking for the best bang-for-the-buck suspension set-up, I am forced to go ahead and make just one more. I am tied between getting springs (and shocks if other than Driver Gear springs) or coil overs. I am looking to merely close...
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    Had to drive in stock mode for a few hours

    Yesterday, after starting my car and heading to work, I begin to experience a weird phenomena. Sticking it into 6th gear with the Tiptronic function and flooring it at about 2.5K RPMs, I begin to feel my car sputtering. It is just jolting back and forth as I floor it, then I let off and it seems...
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    How low can I go?

    Considering dropping my vehicle after throwing on a narrow set of 255/35 R18 on some 18x8 et45. How low could I go without rubbing after doing the fender screw mod? Can I go mild on DriverGear or H&R Sport springs, or can I go a bit lower on FK Silverlines?
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    Golfmk6 Expert Nominees

    :dnftt: :thumbsup:
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    Halogen to Golf R Bi-Xenon conversion kit? $1400 is a great price for a conversion kit, apparently without AFS. I wonder if it includes the Golf R housings or the new Golf LED Bi-Xenon Housings.
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    FS 2008 DBP R32--all stock, <40000 miles; west TX

    EDIT: After having showcased the vehicle to a local, my father has decided against selling the car. I guess he got cold feet after feeling a slight loss of his R. Sadly, my father wants to divorce my mother and would like to sell his R32 to help out with financials. #2073 of 5000 was bought in...
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    vw reps don't know much?

    I never go to the dealership for maintenance, but I went today for some warranty work that I wanted done--some loose parts were getting to me. I show up the for the appointment and talk to one of the reps for the service department that prepares the work orders. During our conversation, he asked...
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    FS: Audi OEM S3 intercooler & hardware! Brand new!

    JUST SOLD I have an Audi OEM S3 intercooler for sale. I planned on putting it in my GTI but decided I wouldn't be satisfied until I go K04&APR intercooler (and spend a few thousand $$$$ more :() I never got to installing it, but purchased bolts and clamps necessary for the install. PM for more...
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    APR carbon fiber turbo outlet pipe

    would be cool, right?
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    How much oil is too much oil?

    I got done with an oil change about two weeks ago. I checked the level after allowing time for the engine to run and the level seemed to be just perfect (just above the center of the dimpled portion on the dipstick). I've driven around for about a good 250 miles and decided to check it again...
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    Fitment question?

    Using VW Driver Gear springs, 18x8.5 et37 wheels, would 225/40 tires rub? How about 235/40 tires? Thanks. :D
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    GTI vs Cobalt SS!

    *If you're not interested in the background, skip down the the third paragraph. A friend of mine purchased a pre-owned 2008 Cobalt SS with the turbocharged 2.0 engine and 5spd transmission a while back and I was itching to try out how quick that 270HP Cobalt really was. This afternoon, it was...
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    ForSale: NEW BSH Torque Mount Insert

    I ordered this part a few months ago before BSH had released their pendulum mount and I never installed it because I heard, shortly after, that the pendulum mount was nearing production. It's been sitting inside its box for about two months now and I have no use for it since I have the pendulum...
  19. dubbinit

    WTT! 42DD 3" down pipe Resonator

    I would like to trade your 42DD 3" down pipe modular resonated section for my 42DD 3" non-resonated section + cash on my end. :) I'm just looking to trade my non-resonated section for the section directly below!