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  1. dinkdinker

    If you like Cruising videos

    Nice! What do you have your camera mounted to if I can ask?
  2. dinkdinker

    No better track car for the money period...

    Meh, a local dealer has a 2005 RX-8 for $10K. I'd gut it and put a 4-rotor in there. Edit- NADA value isn't more than $5300. Would be an interesting car to toy with, especially if the engine was good and I made...
  3. dinkdinker

    Sign the petition to lessen import restrictions so you we can get some awesome cars!!

    Learn how to use a proxy server. You know what an IP address is but not how to use a proxy server? Just use your local congressman or state senator. I doubt any White House petition is even considered.
  4. dinkdinker

    Just got engaged!

    No, that's blow jobs. Sex you will still get on occasion. It dwindles down to monthly, bi-annually and then once per year. Didn't work for my marriage. The ex-wife got pissed because the marriage counselor didn't see her way on everything. Went to 2 sessions and then she stopped going. It...
  5. dinkdinker

    Just got engaged!

    Just remember that it costs more to get divorced than it does to get married. Sorry, had to throw it in there at least so he can't say that nobody warned him.
  6. dinkdinker

    GoPro camera

    What OS are you using? Mac? Windows? What program are you using?
  7. dinkdinker

    GoPro camera

    Yeah, some of the videos I've seen are amazing. The website's video blows me away. That Red Bull air racing plane is sick. GUEZCxBcM78
  8. dinkdinker

    Hello! New GTI owner!

    Same here. Test drove many new cars before the GTI. Some were "meh" and some were "wow". No, the GTI is the car that I fell for head over heels for. As far as the lights, I actually like the standard ones quite a bit. I have no issues with visibility at night. They are really bright. Besides...
  9. dinkdinker

    GoPro camera

    I wouldn't use that simply for it's lack of optical zoom, low memory capacity and inability to switch out a battery. My Olympus has 24X optical zoom and a 16 megapixel resolution. Makes an iPhone 4 camera look like a kids toy. :p
  10. dinkdinker

    GoPro camera

    Same here and I just got an Olympus SZ-30MR a couple weeks ago for it's ability to shoot 1080p. It's not really an all weather camera but I need something for when I take my daughter to a few trips this summer. Got a 32GB Class10 SDHC memory card to go with it.
  11. dinkdinker

    Ak47s and drifting

    I guess when you have all that oil money... This one is better:
  12. dinkdinker

    Question RE: 'Points' on DMV Record For Anyone Familiar With The Topic

    1. Who goes to Best Buy? 2. Did you not see the minivan reverse lights? 3. When you drive in reverse do you use a mirror or put your arm over and actually look back? 4. Was there any mark on your car? Trading paint would have caused that. Sorry, I can't really side with you based upon your one...
  13. dinkdinker

    Do you smoke in your GTI?

    A woman getting irate when not allowed to do what they want? No kidding...
  14. dinkdinker

    Modern Warfare 3

    Nope. Used to be a PC gamer. Gave up gaming completely because it wasted too much of my time and I didn't get anything out of it.
  15. dinkdinker

    Do you smoke in your GTI?

    When I lived in Florida, police actually did give out tickets because cigarette butts caused brush fires.
  16. dinkdinker

    Driving addiction (low mile junkies not welcome)

    Just saw a 2004 R32 in amazing condition only 16K miles. That's great and all but it's still only worth about $13,000.
  17. dinkdinker

    Do you smoke in your GTI?

    ROFL! :lol: Love the part about not realizing we were racing. Haha! :p
  18. dinkdinker

    PC or Mac?

    My care cup is empty. What part of "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME" do you not understand? When you begin to realize that I am not vain, self-centered or egotistical like a lot of you here are...that will help you.
  19. dinkdinker

    PC or Mac?

    All SSDs boot fast. That's nothing new. Being a laptop, most of the time you close the lid which puts it into sleep mode. When you open the lid, the OS is available instantly whether Mac or Windows. My old Latitude E6400 with a Core 2 and standard 5400RPM drive is available instantly the moment...
  20. dinkdinker

    Budget of ~$35,000 for a DD. What to buy?

    Tell her to trade in her Fit for a GTI. Wear the pants. Don't let your wife take your car.