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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Happen to have the rear trunk privacy cover? If so how much and where are you located?
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    Sold: Sequential LED Projector Headlights Black Satin with Mirror Lights NIB

    Sorry for getting back to you so slowly. OP wasn't really responsive so I figured he didn't want to go through with the hassle. If you do end up getting these headlamps, they're pretty much plug and play with the halogen harness. You'll get a bulb error, which I'll hopefully be able to code out...
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    Sold: Sequential LED Projector Headlights Black Satin with Mirror Lights NIB

    Let me know what your proposition for splitting these will be... might be interested depending on the price. Also to answer your second question, I have these headlights and you don't really "convert" these to LHD. You install it like normal and you just adjust the beam pattern. It won't be a...
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    Sold: Sequential LED Projector Headlights Black Satin with Mirror Lights NIB

    Any chance you're thinking of selling just the sequential mirrors? If so, how much shipped to 91803.
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    Genuine VCDS Micro Can Cable

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    FS full interior and door cards

    Do you have the rear privacy hatch cover for sale?
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Where in California are you located?
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    Morimoto XB LED fog lights

    These look very cool, didn't even know switchbacks existed in this type of form and factor. In your experience, does the MK6 GTI need a pair of resistors to prevent an error code? Really debating on these, was going to instantly pull the trigger but it doesn't work with the 20% sale posted in...
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    Timing chain tensioner failure?

    Not sure if it helps you any, but your car lurching and not immediately accelerating, as well as feeling a bit sluggish sounds exactly like what happened to me. I had a CEL flashing and misfire codes as well, the only thing different compared to your situation is that my car would still start...
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    Supernova Lighting

    Oh really hope that's true... been wanting to replace my head and tail lights and this seems like a good alternatives to Osrams but better than Vlands..
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    VLAND Tail lights

    Would love to see if this theory is correct. @mynamesmauricio if you'd be willing to test em out I'd love to know, and whether both lights turn on as white!
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    VLand Sequential LED tail lights

    I would also love more information on how he was able to double reverse light. I don't think I'd like the look of single reverse and a random rear red fog light.If he switches the wires up, doesn't that driver side just light up RED instead of WHITE? Unless you swapped the wires as well as...
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    VLAND Tail lights

    Thanks, I posted in that thread but I wonder how they got dual reverse lights just by swapping two wires. Doesn't the driver side still light up red? Unless they changed the bulb or something... if you have any more info let me know! Appreciate you posting the other thread for me.
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    VLAND Tail lights

    Ohh are the ones you're getting from Vland as well? Don't suppose you could ask your connection whether they already have them somewhere for sale do they? I see these on Amazon ( ) but nowhere do I see the...
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    VLAND Tail lights

    Do these have the rear fog light on one side and reverse on the other side? I don't really like that look and would rather have a white reverse light on both sides. A lot of the eBay listings that VLAND has shows a rear fog light so I wanted to make sure these are reverse on both sides before...
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    Fixing it yourself is so much cheaper.

    Mind if I ask which switch you went with on Amazon? There are so many 3rd party ones, some of which has reviews that they aren't reliable or they're extra "plastic-ey" feeling compared to OEM. I have the same issue and looking to replace the switch.
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Still looking for a Neuspeed P-Flo if anyone is selling theirs. Been pretty patient and I just don't want to pay new prices lol
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    OSRAM led headlights black edition

    Should put where you're located so people are able to calculate some shipping prices.
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    Official California FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread

    Still looking for a P-Flo if anyone ever wants to sell theirs. :)
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    Seat warmers only working at the max(3) setting?

    I bought a 2013 4dr 6-Speed GTI not too long ago and it wasn't until now that I realized that the seat warmers only work on the max setting. Number 1 and number 2 doesn't seem to heat up the seats at all, but once it's on the max (3 lights illuminated) setting, it heats up instantly and gets...