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    For review, I have the AWE-flavor K04 installed and currently have the original flash from AWE/GIAC. I'm getting the "high output" flash from GIAC later this week to see whether I want that power level. But I don't want to walk into that debate, right now. I'm also running Star Specs on Enkei...
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    ABS Control Module faults

    I'm seeing this fault code on my ECU, but I'm not sure how to check faults on the ABS control module. Any hints? 053271 - Please Check Fault Codes in Control Module for ABS Brakes U1017 - 015 - Cannot Be Tested at this Time - Intermittent Freeze Frame...
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    Buzzing sounds

    When I'm at speeds greater than about 40mph or on rougher roads, a buzzing sound comes from my steering column. It sounds like an angry hornet under my horn. At first, I thought it was the leatherette patch between the steering column and dash under the gauges, but the sound doesn't stop when...