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    Installing a compact ac condenser to free flow the Wagner big intercooler - anyone done this?

    I have a 2012 Mk6 Golf R. ITs Revo stage 2+ tuned with the big Wagner Intercooler sandwiched between the ac condenser and the water cooling radiator, The car has the oil cooler installed lower left side bumper. The lower right side bumper seems to have room to install a compact ac condenser...
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    Chance for a MFactory Rear LSD for Golf R/A3/TT

    Can I ask (as a newbie here with a Golf R mk6 2012), whether its better to have LSD in the rear, the front, or both? How will this affect the handing, seeing as the Haldex mk4 only shunts a max of 50% torque to the rear (to the best of my knowledge). Is there any advantage in putting an LSD...