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    Adjustable lowering springs with lots of play ... normal?

    I bought an adjustable lowering spring kit that works with the stock dampers, per the company. While installing the front springs I found that they did not have to be compressed on the strut, even with the adjusting mechanism maxed out. They are loose, essentially. Per the company this is normal...
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    Reducing wheel hop

    Anyone have suggestions for reducing wheel hop? I have the following mods, but I still get pretty severe hop with my slicks. Suspension mods: 1. 034 Track density transmission and engine mounts 2. VWR subframe mount 3. Whiteline front control arm bushings 4. Audi TT rear control arm...
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    Steering wheel vibration, 2010 GTI

    I was wondering if I could get some tips on what to inspect/replace. My steering wheel seems to vibrate when I go over bumps. The bumps can be small, i.e., from light buckling of the road or road patches. It is worse when the bumps occur quickly. It lends a crappy unsolid feeling to the...
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    2.0TSI oil pressure issue

    It has been a bad year for my engine and things are getting worse. Ever since the situation with the failing variable intake timing: I have had a tapping sound coming from the engine at around 1300RPM. I changed oil and the filter, but that...
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    Failing intake camshaft variable timing

    My engine's intake timing is getting stuck at -36° when the engine is "cold". It only occurs when I put a load on the engine. If I let it warm up idling then it doesn't get stuck, but until then it can. I data logged the G40 sensor which shows this behavior: Today I removed the actuator...
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    Vendor is saying these motor mounts will fit, please look

    Hello, the vendor I'm dealing with is insisting that the following mounts fit my mkVI GTI(engine and tranny mounts), but I don't think so. What do you all say?