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    1.4 TSI - An insight into just how bad the intake coking is

    I'm in the middle of rebuilding my engine on my 1.4 TSI 160 CAVD - fitting forged pistons and doing a full head decoke and a 'valve' job before mapping for power. There's nothing wrong with the engine - it was running fine, other than a a slight rough idle intermittently which is common on this...
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    1.4 TSI Twincharger (160) Stage 1 / 2

    Hello! I'm working on a project to upgrade my 1.4 tsi twincharger, remapping to stage 1 and then possibly stage 2. As some people might know the 1.4 tsi twincharger is a twitchy engine, plagued with numerous early production issues that led to these engines failing prematurely - with broken...
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    Aquapel warning

    Today I had to use a cerium oxide glass polishing compound with a machine polisher to remove the aquapel hydrophobic coating that I applied the other day... For those who don't know, aquapel is a hydrophobic coating similar in function to rain-x, ie its designed to bead up water so that rain...