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  1. golfgti_tr

    Brembo Max brake set

    my new brakes... discs and pads..
  2. golfgti_tr

    roof dent

    I have a small roof dent, it happened somehow, I really do not know.... but it makes me nervous when I see it everytime is there any solution for this? all interior panel has to be removed or are there any quick solutions? thanks...
  3. golfgti_tr

    blinking check engine light

    Today while I was cruising, check engine light flashed couple of seconds and disappeared. I did not feel anything strange with my car. Do you have any idea what went wrong? Thanks.
  4. golfgti_tr

    A destroyed GTI

    Just found it on Facebook, wanted to share...
  5. golfgti_tr

    engine stalling during cold start up

    Hi All, Couple days ago in the morning I started my car and felt engine stalling and next second turned it off and tried again. this time everything was okay, smooth. there was no cell. What can be the reason of this stalling? first thing came to my mind was miss fire due to faulty spark plug...
  6. golfgti_tr

    My backyard!

    what a cool place to live!
  7. golfgti_tr

    Check this guy out

    if you are a billiard fan, check also this guy out
  8. golfgti_tr

    He drives a GTI

    did you know that? article is Turkish but google translator sorts it out:)
  9. golfgti_tr

    I haaaaaaaaaate the waiting game!

    it is worth to dream about
  10. golfgti_tr

    Whats your occupation?

    nothing wrong with antalya...miss there my hometown
  11. golfgti_tr

    Whats your occupation?

    I am a commissioning/process engineer for wastewater treatment plants. so think twice where it goes when you flush in wc:laugh:
  12. golfgti_tr

    last shots of winter

    I put last week my beautiful detroits but...
  13. golfgti_tr

    TPMS flashed

    yesterday while i was driving, TPSM light falshed on the dash. The thing is that I am running winter tyres which do not have TPMS sensors. I reset it from the button. this had repeated 2 weeks ago again. I do not understand why. I think this TPMS thing works with ABS in 2010 models. now I...
  14. golfgti_tr

    cylinder flap sensor

    I was at the dealer for my 45.000km service. when they connected my car to the computer, they found out that I have a faulty cylinder flap sensor(this is a sensor controls the opening/closing percentages of the cylinder falps, or something like that.) They asked me if I had power issued lately...
  15. golfgti_tr

    a surprise when I started the car

    I moved couple of days ago a city for work. today in the morning, when i started the car I saw a warning on the dash: check licence plate lighting. I got off the car and checked the lamp but actually there was nothing to check!!! It was stolen, i could not believe my eyes, also there was no...
  16. golfgti_tr

    Explain your User Name.

    most of people think TR is tornado red but it is not..I own a black GTI...TR, my country, Turkey
  17. golfgti_tr

    parking with mobile phone. c9M2cPB8sYE
  18. golfgti_tr

    VW assembly charts site is russian but google chrome sorts it out
  19. golfgti_tr

    when/how do you turn on your A/C?

    you are doing it during idle or anytime when driving?
  20. golfgti_tr

    To sell or not to sell... that is the question #firstworldproblems

    I see you like how nice your vette is and you don't like the golf a lot because it is slow. sell both cars and buy a brand new sport car, like audi RS3 or RS5...