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  1. cbenjes

    6 Speed M/T Shifts Poorly When Cold

    Manual transmission fluid is one of those topics, like motor oil, that is subject to multiple opinions, staunch loyalty and frequent word-battles. I can provide my opinion and experience. Many people swear by OEM, AMSOIL, etc. I have used Redline MTL in my Mk6 and Mk7 GTIs, '99 and '98 New...
  2. cbenjes

    16" Wheels and Blizzaks

    I have 4 Sport Edition CS 16" Silver painted wheels for Golf, 5x112. These were my winter wheels for my mk6 GTI that do not fit the mk7 PP GTI, so I'll offer them for sale. Wheels are in great shape, could use a good pressure wash, but no rash or rust. They have 205/55-16 Blizzaks mounted on...
  3. cbenjes

    Uber-Stealth under floor sub box for MK6

    Carpeted Uber-Stealth Underfloor Sub Box (MKVI). Just the box, no components. Had it in my Mk6 GTI, took it out when I got the Mk7. Excellent condition, Local pick-up only, Baltimore/Harford County. Too big to ship economically. e-mail me: $275 if new, (although...
  4. cbenjes

    Moving from mk6 to mk7

    All: Been here since early 2011. Learned a lot, shared a lot, and this place is a goldmine of information and camaraderie. Bought my first 2011 GTI on January 17, 2011. I loved the 2011, but of late, it needed a clutch, flywheel, shocks, struts, water pump, oil leak repair and a carbon...
  5. cbenjes

    The Official Road Rage Story Thread

    I liked the time some woman was leaving my neighborhood and stopped at the stop sign very close to the double yellow at the end of the road, just like all people do when they are turning left at that intersection. This happened in Maryland, so there was no thought to use her turn signal...
  6. cbenjes

    Anyone accidentally run into someone famous?

    Saw and stopped by a NASCAR car parked outside of a local auto parts store on a late Saturday afternoon back in 2005 or so. My two young sons and I were the only ones there, except for the store employee who was sitting near the race car. I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but I like cars, so I showed...
  7. cbenjes

    Throw-out bearing squeal - What should I expect?

    At 126,000 miles, I am starting to get a squeal from the TOB, especially in reverse. At first it was only when cold, but now it happens more and more frequently. How long can I go without a repair? Will it eventually just fail and I won't have a clutch, resulting in a tow and a repair?
  8. cbenjes

    Great deal on Motul X-Cess

    Here's a deal on Motul X-Cess that I couldn't pass up: Get it while it's still in effect.
  9. cbenjes

    Front and rear brakes - What needs to be replaced?

    Getting ready to do brakes for the first time on this GTI. Do the caliper bolts need to be replaced? Are they torque-to-yield bolts? Front and rear?
  10. cbenjes

    Serpentine Belt howto?

    Can anyone who has done one whip up a TSI serpentine belt replacement for the MK6 GTI? It's probably straightforward, but would be a good reference to have. Thanks in advance.
  11. cbenjes

    Tail lights on hatch lid

    I don't think the tail lights on the hatch lid on my '11 GTI are working. When are they supposed to come on? Are they brake lights or do they just come on then you turn on the headlights?
  12. cbenjes

    Check brake light, but it's still OK

    All: I have a message saying Check Right Brake light and the indicator lights up saying I have a light bulb burned out. However, all brake lights light up just fine. Thoughts? Do the brake light bulbs have dual elements in them that could vary the resistance enough for the car to think it's...
  13. cbenjes

    Seat belt light and chime

    Yesterday I let my son drive my car for the first time ever. As we were driving, the seat belt light and chime came on intermittently even though we both were buckled? Is this a faulty seat belt buckle? Suggestions? I has to be the passenger seat, as it doesn't do it without a passenger...
  14. cbenjes

    My turn for an intake manifold

    Cook VW did an excellent job replacing the intake manifold and cleaning the valves. Acceleration is much smoother. The car runs like new again! At 89,000 miles, mostly run at highway speeds using primarily BP or Shell V-Power 93 octane, here's what the valves looked like before and after:
  15. cbenjes

    My turn for an intake manifold

    Lately, I have noticed a very slight amount of hesitation/surging on acceleration when cold, so I scheduled a valve cleaning for over the holidays, figuring it was due at almost 90K miles. Yesterday, I got my first Check Engine Light, and naturally I suspected intake manifold and/or misfires...
  16. cbenjes

    16" wheels and Blizzak Winter Package Review

    I just mounted my winter wheel package. 16" Sport Edition CE silver painted wheels and 205/55-16 Blizzak WS70 tires. Quite a difference driving with 16" tires versus the 225/40-18 Conti DSWs. Here are some comments. First, the Sport Editions were not my first choice and are OK looking, but...
  17. cbenjes

    Water pump/valve cleaning

    I have 86K miles. I noticed my coolant was at the minimum line with the engine hot. I'm keeping my eye on it because I think I may be losing coolant. If I am and it's the water pump, does it make sense to get the valves cleaned at the same time. Seems to me the intake manifold has to come...
  18. cbenjes

    WRX named top vehicle for speeding tickets

    Remember that radar/laser detectors do nothing unless there is a signal to receive, whether laser or radar. I've been running a radar detector since 1981 - had all the good ones - Fuzzbuster, Escort, Passport and Valentine 1. Has it saved my a$$? Many times, though less and less as the years...
  19. cbenjes

    WRX named top vehicle for speeding tickets

    Got pulled over by a Md State Trooper. Mid-afternoon old-folks traffic was doing about 35 mph in a 45 mph zone, and I was doing 45 mph threading my way through it. I checked my rear view mirror and here comes this black Charger flying - and I mean FLYING - up on my rear end. I immediately...
  20. cbenjes

    LED City Light errors

    Anyone else have problems with LED City Lights throwing codes? I have read every thread multiple times on this forum (and another) and no one else has reported a similar experience. I have a 2011 GTI. I've had two different sets of LEDs from 2 different (and very reliable) vendors and no...