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    Items covered under PZEV Warranty

    So my intake manifold went bad at 114,000 miles. There’s a vacuum leak where the lever connects into the intake manifold to control the flaps. If I plug the area with my finger, the car runs nice and smooth with no issues. As soon as I remove my finger then I get the hissing sound and a bunch of...
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    Smog in CA and k04

    Yeah I need to see if what the cost is to flash it every 2 years.
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    Smog in CA and k04

    I wonder how Ko4 tunes will pass now with smog stations also checking the ECU software in socal now. In the past I’ve passed smog by switching my APR ko4 tune to the stock boost levels and emissions readiness while using spacers in my high flow downpipe. However looking at the APR website it’s...
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    Engone noise 2013 gti 2.0 TSI DSG

    Update... turns out it was just a worn pendulum mount:)
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    Engone noise 2013 gti 2.0 TSI DSG

    It’s very tuned. - Ko4 + LSD - 108,000 miles (95,000 of that with a Ko4) - clutch pack was replaced around 60k via warranty
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    Crunchy DSG?

    What’s the cost I should be expecting for changing out the flywheel for a dsg? Me thinks my flywheel is going bad.
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    Dual mass flywheel for DSG question

    Has anyone every had to get a dual mass flywheel for a DSG replaced? Car has 110k miles on it of which 95,000 miles is with a Ko4. It’s a 2010 CC with the 2.0T engine + DSG + LSD+ Ko. Lately ive been getting a constant rattle when in drive while car is stopped or reverse while the car is...
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    Engone noise 2013 gti 2.0 TSI DSG

    Hmmm I think my DSG’s DMF is going bad too. rattle while idle and in gear while stopped... goes away when driving. anyone know the cost to replace? Should l do the clutch pack at the same time too?
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    Sway bar hitting steering rack?

    Just found out my larger recently installed H&R front sway bar has been rubbing and hitting the steering rack leading to loss of power steering. So now I need a new steering rack. But wondering how to get the sway bar not to hit the steering rack instead of going back to the stock sway bar...
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    My brother is getting a prius. Need help!

    If he needs a commuter... get something that's gonna be cheapest to run with hardly any maintenance. Like a used electric car... This fiat 500e is about $5800 ish. If you have a way to go to a dealer auction you might be able to get a...
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    The Official 4x4 Discussion Thread

    Here's my Trail Team FJ Cruiser. Just completed a southwest roadtrip with a route that took my wife and I from Orange County to a hipster japanese lantern festival outside of vegas, then out to phoenix, and ended with off-roading in Sedona then back home to Orange County. If you notice I have a...
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    17 cars illegally seized

    To summarize: - group of enthusiast go on a drive through the OC probably up towards Santiago canyon - ironically a mustang gets hit by a cyclist and was recorded by police as the cyclist fault - weeks later it turns out the cyclist son is a Brea police officer - then city of orange seize...
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    EPA plans to make modified cars illegal

    I wanna play too... My M-F electric race car with Magnus walker stickers that make it faster And the race car
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    EPA plans to make modified cars illegal

    Gah... maybe we are petitioning on the wrong site... here's directions where to go to be heard I think we just need to leave comments here...!docketDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OAR-2014-0827
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    EPA plans to make modified cars illegal

    Yes it's always been illegal, however if this goes into effect... 1) even if your car is just towed to the race track and used as a race car and never driven on the street... it will still be illegal 2) this would allow them to impose large fines on both the consumer and the company selling...
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    EPA plans to make modified cars illegal

    Here's more clarification "Off-Road Use Only", a label used by the aftermarket on non smog legal equipment, no longer pertains to cars and light trucks now according to the EPA... What...
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    EPA plans to make modified cars illegal If I'm reading this right you can get fined by the epa for certain mods even if the car is just used on a race track and the companies making the mods can get fined as well. We need to stand together to stop this
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    Thinking about buying a used 5.0 LX

    I'll just leave this here
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    My Oregon Coast Roadtrip

    thx for the compliments, For my wash, I start with -Chemical Guy's EcoSmart in a pump sprayer + 2 to 3 of their green "Sasquatch" towels (need 2 to 3 per wash) + 1 to 2 yellow costco microfiber towels for the wheels -Then to take care of any left over watermarks or streaks I finish off with...
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    My Oregon Coast Roadtrip

    thx Drove through Weed near Mt Shasta... but that was at 7am and the town still looked asleep and I was determined to get to San Francisco early for brunch. The old school E28 I saw that was cruising with me since Sacramento did take the exit to Weed, Ca however...