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  1. J

    Wheels on R

    Will these fit on the Golf R and what tires would work?? Just found some wheels with these specs: 18x7.5 ET 31.5 18X10 ET 39 Would these work on the R and what tires would be the best on them? Thanks!
  2. J

    255's Golf R I guess they fit... hmmm:)
  3. J

    What was your last car?

    This is my previous ride 2006 gti autobahn package
  4. J

    High Gas prices
  5. J

    Climatronic Conversion

    Would the Climatronic Control Unit from Eu work correctly on our Gti's here??
  6. J

    Quattro Swap to Mk6 Gti

    Is this possible? Quattro from audi a3 tsi dsg.. would it work>
  7. J

    I got hit last night.

    Drunk driver in a beamer hit me and my car spun sideways on the road,, and he just kept going.. tried to crank it and it did turn on,, and burnt out and got his plate number! hit n run.. Im sorry but now knowing my cars title is not clean I dont want it. Wished they total it and i wait for the...
  8. J

    neuspeed vs autotech insert?

    I had a neuspeed torque mount insert on my mkv and my cars shifting was much better... I'm going to buy an insert again and I need yalls advice on the neuspeed and autotech inserts, why do u like one better etc etc? Thanks
  9. J

    Eibach Sportline Springs

    I used to have the pro-kit on my mkv but im planning to go just a bit lower on the mk6.... anyone have pics of mk6 on sportlines yet? thanks
  10. J

    FS/FT: 17'' denvers with continentals.. no tpms

    I've put about 1500 into the tires... Wheels are in excellent condition.... I would also consider trade for new tires (235/40/18) Continental DWS $600 obo
  11. J

    Whats your occupation?

    Im just an Account Manager at Rent-a-Center....
  12. J

    What size tires on my 18x8 offset 45

    Im selling my stock 17s... and I just got my new wheels in a 18x8 set up and 45 mm offset... I plan to lower my car from a 1" to 1.5" front and 1 to 1.4" in the rear.... wanting to get wider tires.. what are my options? 235/40/18 ?? 245/35/18??
  13. J

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hi fellow dubbers... Im from Houston, and now I own a mk6 Gti candy white, pretty basic, 6mt, denvers, bluetooth.... I traded in my 06 gti due to it having 63000 miles on it and Im planning to go to school so I dont want it to breakdown or have any major service at my expense. Hopefully I can...