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    4x Detroits - $250 - North FL

    Hello, Up for sale I have 4 detroits - Good condition no tires. Located in Tallahassee FL. Would prefer local sale (Shipping is stupid expensive)
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    He got the hit, Apparently I don't have brake boosting setup and therefore had to wait for boost :( I was pulling on the V until he let off (Lame)
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    BAD Transmission Grinds

    I'll set the story, I was cruising down the highway going about 65mph in 6th gear... All of a sudden it kicks out of gear and grinds 6th reaaaaallly bad (my hand wasnt on the shift knob, it just kicked back). After that happened the car was grinding in every single gear and even neutral. The...
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    Never ending clutch problems

    Long story short, installed a southbend stage 3 daily kit on my car about 7k miles ago... it failed after 500 Miles we determined it was the slave cylinder and replaced it. 2k miles later starting losing pressure so we bled the lines... fast forward to today, clutch worked perfectly last night...
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    H&R Super Sports (Springs) - SOLD

    H&R Supersport Springs. Used for 20k miles or so, Switched to coils. $120 + Shipping - located in Tallahassee FL. EDIT: SOLD!
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    APR Carbonio Stage 1 - $200 + Shipping

    Used this for about 20k miles, Filter could use a clean otherwise in great shape. Located in Tally, FL. Will ship at buyers expense. Pics ^ $200 + Shipping.
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    Tallahassee FL Shops??

    Any shops near Tallahassee? Northern FL? Anywhere? Looking to get a long list of parts installed.
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    Clutch issue

    Recently installed a southbend stage 3 daily clutch in my car and having some issues with the pedal. Bled this clutch like 900 times now (Not even exaggerating) there is no air in the lines what so ever. The clutch pedal starts stiff for about 10 miles of driving and slowly becomes soft to the...
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    NLS/Launch Control for the TSI

    Seeing that the R has now been equipped with NLS and Launch control have any tuners been looking into it for the TSI motor? All i've found so far is this; EDIT: I meant to post this in the GTI 2.0T forum.... lol
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    BIG Red (Big turbo build)

    BIG Red (Big Turbo Build) 2011 VW GTI Autobahn (Nav,Sunroof,Leather) CURRENT PARTS LIST Exterior: Miro 111 Wheels 18x8.5 (Black) Deautokey License Plate LEDS DEPO Euro LED Tail lights Interior: Deautokey interior LED lighting (Dome lights, footwell lights) Raceseng Shift Knob Newsouth Boost...
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    Tire fitment

    I know questions like this get asked a lot, I've done a fair amount of research but would like some professional input.. 225/40/r18 on 18x8.5 wheels, how do able is it? I've read that it will stretch a little is it safe? Or should I go 235?
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    WTB - 18x8.5 Black Miro 111/3DSM 0.01

    As the title says looking for either of those wheels preferably black in color. Would like to buy with tires but will buy without for the right price. Located in Orlando, FL. Post your prices.