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    FS-2012 Golf R

    Selling my 2012 Golf R 4dr
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    FS-KW V3 coilovers- like new

    Selling a set of KW coilovers V3. Only ran afew thousand miles and then sold the car. They were on my 2012 Golf R. Best coilovers money can buy for the street. Asking $1800 shipped. Call or text for pictures. 208-891-9561
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    FS- Eurodyne Powertap flash cable

    Selling a Eurodyne powetap flash cable. Will allow you to flash Eurodyne software at home for anyone that doesn't live near a dealer. I used it to flash my '13 GTI but traded it in on an "R" that already has another company's tune. It will flash any of their VW tunes. It sells for $200 new so I...
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    FS- Neuspeed p-flow intake for 2.0T

    Selling a Neuspeed p-flow off my 2013 GTI. It has the small filter for the air pump. Ran it for 6 months before trading the car in. Asking $150 shipped . Text me and I can send you pictures 208-891-9561 SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!