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    Will my car pass inspection?

    I need to get my car inspected. I have CT plates but I’m pretty sure I can still get the inspection done in MA since I live in Boston. My MK6 R has APR down pipe, AWE switchpath exhaust, EVOMs intake, APR HPFP, and APR stage 2+ test file. Will it pass since no check engine light and high flow cats?
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    FS: OEM Downpipe + Catback Boston/CT

    I have stock downpipe and catback for sale in the boston area. DM me for pricing and details
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    clutch slipping at higher RPMs after going stage 2

    bought my R a few weeks back, picked it up from the shop a couple days ago after installing intake, downpipe, short shifter, Forge DV, and APR stage 2 tune... when i floor the car the clutch is slipping because it cant hand the torque/power. was looking for suggestions for a new clutch, let me...
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    Debating Exhaust

    Debating what Cat-Back to get for my 2012 R. Right now I am APR stage 2 with an APR downpipe. I am looking to spend between 1.2 to 1.5 k and want to be able to open and close the exhaust. Please let me know suggestions!
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    Steering wheel Buttons for MFD not working

    I brought my car to get a crack jn the front left quarter panel fixed. I just got the car back and the steering wheel buttons to control the MFD aren't working and there is an "airbag error." Can someone tell me what happened and why body work could cause this.!? Sent from my SM-G950U using...
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    Cast vs. Stainless APR Downpipe

    Hey guys, I am looking to purchase a downpipe for my golf R and I can get good deals on the older Stainless APR Downpipe. I just wanted some reviews of that vs the new Cast Iron version of it. is it worth it to spend more and get the new version, or is the old stainless sufficient if I am...
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    need an apr downpipe for my GOLF R ASAP
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    New vs. Old APR Intake

    is there much of a difference between the new vs the older version of the APR Carbonio intake for these cars?
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    H&R Sport VS. Neuspeed VS. VWR Springs

    I am looking for about 1-1.5" lowered but a smooth ride with the stock shocks. Whats my best option?
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    just bought a mk6 R. Looking for APR intake, HPFP primarily. also looking for an APR downpipe as well as Springs (either neuspeed or R)
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    just bought a mk6 R. Looking for APR intake, HPFP primarily. also looking for an APR downpipe as well as Springs (either neuspeed or R)