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  1. Tsi_God

    Cts ko4 wont fit! Help!

    Having trouble with my ko4. Where the turbo outlet pipe is supposed to connect is hitting the timing chain cover. Anyone got any advice or tips? Need help asap :((
  2. Tsi_God

    Anyone running +33 offset or something close?

    Thinking about lowering my car but this set up is decently wide up front and having a little bit of rub at full turn. Anyone have a setup like this and is lowered?
  3. Tsi_God

    High rpms when at full stop

    Car starts and acts normal. After driving for a few minutes, when at a complete stop the rpms are somewhere between 900 to 1k when it’s usually around 750 to 850. I trying shifting into neutral and park but the revs stay around 1k. What exactly could be causing this? No codes or anything are...
  4. Tsi_God

    Rattle when coming to stop and during coldstart

    This is NOT the infamous waste gate rattle or timing chain rattle. This rattle is coming from the driver side of the car, most likely coming from the dsg. Sounds like a marble being tossed around in a soda can. What’s the solution to this problem and how much would it cost to fix it. Thanks :))
  5. Tsi_God

    WTB Wheels in FL

    Anyone selling anything in Florida? May or may not be on the market for wheels :23:
  6. Tsi_God

    Burning Oil Smell when hitting boost

    I own a 2012 mk6 gti Unitronic Stage 2. Yesterday I decided to have a little fun and put that pedal down. Around 5-6k rpm there was a little bit of white smoke and a smell of burning oil. This doesn’t happen every time I hit boost or go to a high rpm. Checked oil levels and coolant levels and...
  7. Tsi_God

    WTB Aftermarket Intercooler Mk6 Gti

    Looking for an aftermarket intercooler. Will buy for the right price!! ;)