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  1. GunMetalGTI

    FS: Integrated Engineering Intake Manifold for TSI - NEW -

    FS: Integrated Engineering Intake Manifold for TSI - Brand NEW - Selling a new IE Intake Manifold with all hardware and instructions. I have had it since release and just never got around to installing it. I was also waiting on software from IE, which is now available. I also have factory...
  2. GunMetalGTI

    FS: 034 Motorsport Billet Dogbone Mount

    Used for less than 8k. Sold new for $189. (link below) Asking $100 plus shipping. obo A quick note. Anyone installing new mounts on these cars should always use new bolts every time. They are all stretch bolts. The bolts are not included but are not expensive and I can provide you with the...
  3. GunMetalGTI

    FS: NGP Coil-over kit type 1's

    Selling a set of NGP Type 1 Coil-Overs. They were installed in November and have barely 10k on them and no rust. I had them uninstalled by a VW master tech and there is nothing wrong with them. Still have the rear mounts in place as well all boxed up and good to go. Link to product below...
  4. GunMetalGTI

    Does anyone have a Catless BillyBoat Turboback?

    :w00t:I was wondering if anyone has a catless Billy Boat Turboback set up with just the rear resonator and two rear mufflers? I was looking for feedback or any vids if possible. Probably going to order anyways but I wanted to put out a feeler because most of the videos I've seen don't always...
  5. GunMetalGTI

    FS: VWR Engine and Trans Mount plus Dog Bone

    FS: Volkswagen Racing Engine and Trans Mounts Hello Everyone, Selling a set of Volkswagen Racing (VWR) Engine and Trans mounts, both normally $349 each. I'm selling each for $200. They are brand new with 5k on them tops. They are also the latest design, if anyone is curious. I'm changing...
  6. GunMetalGTI

    FS: KW V1 Coilovers

    Hello, I'm selling this kit all boxed up and ready to go. I had them installed at 20k and put about another 30k on them. They have always served me well. There is no damage, rust or leakage at all. I think they go for $1400 nowadays and I'm asking for half that ($700) or best offer. Pics...
  7. GunMetalGTI

    FS: Cooper Zeon Summer Tires 224-45-17 5 months old

    I'm selling a set of 4 Cooper Zeon RS3-S Summer Tires 225/45/17. They are only a few months old. Going into the winter season now so its time to change up. They are asymmetric pattern so they are good for wet weather as well. They are like new. All of them have probably 80% of their tread...
  8. GunMetalGTI

    Warm Starting Issues MK6 GTI: need help

    I've noticed many other have had this problem at random times with just about any model year of the mk6 gen. The symptoms: The car is driven for a short time and not quote warmed up. You shut it down and then go to start the car a short time later again and all it does is crank, and not...
  9. GunMetalGTI

    FS: Neuspeed K04 Turbo Outlet pipe with fitting

    $100 bucks shipped. See pics below. Must have pay pal or be local. "][/URL] "][/URL] "][/URL]
  10. GunMetalGTI

    AWE S3 Turbo Outlet Pipe - Anyone running this with APR KO4 and APR FMIC?

    I think this fits but I am just trying to verify if this pipe will work with an APR K04 and APR Intercooler and hoses???? Its the version of the pipe without the coupler and it gets rid of the need for having to worry about O-rings and such...
  11. GunMetalGTI

    FS: Pioneer Subwoofer TS-SW2501S2 Shallow Mount Subwoofer Selling one 2ohm Pioneer Shallow mount sub. Its brand new. Link shows pics and some more description. It was literally never used and still in box. I currently have two of these...
  12. GunMetalGTI

    FS: Team Dynamics Wheels+Tires+aftermarket lugs+locks

    Re-posting this because the last thread was old and cluttered and I wasn't ready to sell them before Wheels: (4) Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Matte Black 18x8 ET45 5x112, also 57.1 bore so no need for hub rings I've also wrapped the center caps because they look better and match. The valve...
  13. GunMetalGTI

    Unitronic K04 and DSG Flash Review and Comparison

    Ok. I will start by saying that for at least 10,000 miles I have had the APR k04 file with the Unitronic DSG file installed on my car. I recently, over the weekend, at the H20i show, switched my ECU tune over to Unitronic from APR. I also updated my DSG file for the second time while I was...
  14. GunMetalGTI

    Voltage level for headunit 2010 no navi?

    Im running a solid quality line out. Ive always had to jack up gains on any amp i have run with this car. Just wanted to knkw jf anyone else had the same experience or if its me or do these headunits put out some low volts. Im probably getting an aftermarket unit soon but i really wanted to...
  15. GunMetalGTI

    Stock Motor Mounts....maybe 10k on them for cheap

    Stock Motor Mounts and suspension for cheap...less than 10k on them both Thats all three mounts. For almost nothing. Also have stock suspension all boxed up ready to go. Call or txt if serious. 410-458-9305
  16. GunMetalGTI

    K03 Turbo with 20k from TSI Mk6 I'm selling my old turbo because racecar and because I won't be needing any longer unless something blows up lol. Its most definitely worth the 400 I'm posting it for but I will let it go on here for 300 because I would like to lighten the...
  17. GunMetalGTI

    FS: Set of 235/40/18 Falken Ziex 329 ZE Tires As close to brand new as you can get See ad link above. I sold and installed these on an Audi S4. They were driven less than 100 mi. and my friend bought new wheels and no longer needed them. I have them stored inside for whoever wants to check them out. I prefer local buyers...
  18. GunMetalGTI

    TSI Intake Manifold, Interest, Developments, Discussion

    Just wanted to make a thread dedicated to at least the possibility of INTAKE MANIFOLD DEVELOPMENT for our 2.0 TSI platform. Every other VW engine seems to have one available and despite the TSI's notable run since 2008 and being used as a flagship motor, we still have not one formidable option...
  19. GunMetalGTI

    P0042 - HO2S Heater Control Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 3 Any insight here?

    I am getting a code of P0042 on my 3rd O2 sensor. I clear it and it comes back in about 2 days of driving. I only have 26k on the car. On researching these are the possible causes: - Faulty Heated Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) Bank 1 Sensor 3 - Heated Oxygen Sensor (H2OS) Bank 1 Sensor 3 is open...