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  1. RSMark5

    RSMark5's list of things he likes ATT GoneD4rk

    1.) Clean sheets 2.) Ice cream cake. 3.) Boobs of all shapes and sizes. 4.) Rap music. 5.) Putting my foot into a new pair of shoes for the first time. 6.) Hookers and blow 7.) Terry 8.) Making stupid threads 11.) Hating volkswagens. 31.) Did I mention boobs? 14.) Chik fil a How about...
  2. RSMark5

    FS: Green MKV $6k

    2006 Audi A3 2.0T DSG . 84,000mi Options: Murano Green Pearl (premium color option $4,000) only available through Jan 06, HID's, Panoramic roof Premium package, Cold Weather package, Extra's included APR stage 2, Ebay Downpipe Dension Gateway bluetooth module thingy. Optional extras...
  3. RSMark5

    FT: Polished 18" Mercedes 6 slots

    I have up for grabs this time my set of clean, freshly polished 18" 6 slots. These are 18x8 et44. Included with the wheels are 17mm and Adaptec spacers & bolts bringing the final offset to et27. The tires mounted to them are 225/35/18 Continental DWS with well over 90% of their life left. No...
  4. RSMark5

    FS: Polished A8 Monoblocks

    I have up this time this mint set of polished A8 monoblocks. $1200+ shipping. Located in 28540. PM me for details. No trades this time, no tires (unless you want some 225/45/18s) and no center caps. No dents, no dings no scratches no curbage. A real 9.5/10 set.
  5. RSMark5

    FT: Bentley CGTs

    Have up for trade this time, a set of Bentley Continental GT wheels. 19x9 et44 215/35/19 tires that are basically brand new. These are a little rough around the edges. Just seeing whats out there before I refinish them. Located in Eastern NC.
  6. RSMark5

    What is RSMark5 working on now!?

    What is RSMark5 working on now!? (Saab build) So, me and my friends work work on cars in our free time. I don't want to keep multiple threads for all the stuff I'm working on so I'm condensing it all for your viewing pleasure at home into 1 thread. I like weird and interesting cars and trade...
  7. RSMark5

    Complete CarPC

    I have up for sale my loved CarPC. Its an Intel D510MO board integrated Intel Atom 1.66 dual core. Detailed Specifications: Case Black Box Mobile Extruded Anodized Aluminum Mini ITX Chassis 10" x 9.25" x 3.125"/254mm x 235mm x 80mm 1x 50 x 50 x 10mm fan 6500RPM 32dB for ventilation...
  8. RSMark5

    Serious Coilover Comparison Questions

    Okay, so I've been thinking about this a while. Talked about it with friends, but I figured I'd open up this debate for the public. Serious question for you guys. What is really the difference between a set of racelands and a set of H&R streets or KW V1s? Sure the construction is a little...
  9. RSMark5

    Feeler FT: Enkei Sporsh 18"s

    Just testing the waters to see whats out there. 18x8/9 et 38 5x112 Enkei Sporshs. Centers are black and in good condition. Pretty sure its painted not PC'ed. Lips are in good shape as well. I'd rate them in qualiy 8/10, but could certainly be updated. 3 of them have General Exclaim UHP's mounted...
  10. RSMark5

    Official Gran Turismo 5 Thread

    Just got a brand new PS3 as I swore I always would. Just finished installing and recovering my old account, now GT5 here we come...... Oh PSN tag is SoggyPuD.
  11. RSMark5

    Polishing wheels DIY

    I made this for another forum. A couple people have expressed interest about this over here so I'm posting my DIY. It is by no means as comprehensive as it could be, but it shows what the job entails, and pretty much a good step by step guide of how to do it. Also, this is by far a worst case...
  12. RSMark5

    FS/FT: O.Z Opera II's

    So, its winter time. That means its time to start many new projects. I need to get these out of my garage to make some of those project happens. I have up for sale this time a set of 20x8.5 20x9.5 ET38 all the way around O.Z. Operas. They are currently wrapped in Toyo Proxy4 tires 215/30/20F...
  13. RSMark5

    RSMark5's S13 build

    So, normally after I come back from shows I have plenty of new ideas. Well, work might have to slow down on the MKV because theres a new horse in my stable. Found a car on craigslist talked to the guy about it. He was like 2 hours and some change away but I went to take a look at it with the...