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  1. dafuture

    OEM Wheel Bags & Kurgo Felts

    I have my set of OEM wheel bags and Kurgo wheel felt covers for sale. Kept my wheels protected when in storage for the winter. $85 + shipping Feel free to PM me for pictures.
  2. dafuture

    FS - Sport Edition F11 + Bridgestone Blizzak WS70

    I have for sale my former winter wheels. Great condition Sport Edition F11 (16x7.5) rims with Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 tires. The rims have no scratches, dents, bends, etc. The tires have some life left, 5/32nds all around. Depending on how much you drive you can get at least another season or...
  3. dafuture

    FS - AWE Tuning Boost Gauge + APR Boost Tap

    I have for sale my AWE Tuning Boost Gauge. It will also come with an APR boost tap, so full package. The red on the needle matches the GTI gauges. I will not separate the two unless I have buyers for both. I'm happy to give disassembled pictures, but for now I'm just going to link pics of it...
  4. dafuture

    FS - AWE Boost Gauge w/ APR Boost Tap

    I have for sale my AWE Boost Gauge w/ APR boost tap. It comes with everything needed for install (bezel, wires, hoses, etc). I pulled it off my car just before I traded it in. SOLD Until I have a chance to list them, feel free to PM me for pics.
  5. dafuture

    FS - Sport Edition F11 w/ Bridgestone Blizzaks

    I have for sale my winter setup. Turns the GTI into a tank in the snow, but I sold the car so these have to go. They have another season or two so left on the rubber. Wheels are 16x7.5, in mint condition with not scrapes/dings/etc. I'll throw some pics up, but in the meantime PM me with any...
  6. dafuture

    Part Out

    I made one of these threads a few months ago, but figured it was easier to start fresh now that the car has been sold. All these prices do not include 3% Paypal fees. Local pickup in Nassau County/ Queens, NY area. I'll try to get pics ASAP, but I've been pretty busy as of late. If you have any...
  7. dafuture

    FS - OEM VW Golf Grill

    I have my great condition OEM VW Golf Grill for sale (car is being traded in). Comes with the VW emblem installed, and it's a perfect fit on a GTI. $100 + Shipping
  8. dafuture

    FS - Tyrolsport Caliper Stiffening Kit

    I have a brand new in package set of the caliper stiffening bushings. Great upgrade for a stock brake setup. Only selling as the car is being traded in. $65 shipped (plus 3% if you don't feel comfortable sending as a gift)
  9. dafuture

    FS - Stock CBFA Downpipe

    I have for sale my stock CBFA downpipe. Trading in the car this week and just looking to get rid of it. $150 picked up. Please let me know if you have any questions or need pictures.
  10. dafuture

    FS - Neuspeed Catback

    For sale is my beloved Neuspeed catback. It looks and sounds absolutely fantastic, but as a trade-in becomes more and more likely, I've been looking to pass on some of my remaining parts. I will do my best to post some pictures this week, but I will not get shots of it off the car until this...
  11. dafuture

    FS - Neuspeed Downpipe

    I have for sale my Neuspeed Downpipe. It's an absolutely awesome piece, I've just been moving my car back towards stock. I'd say there's about 20k on it, but no rust or issues to speak of. It has an extra bung welded on to fit CBFA cars, but you can get a plug for that bung if your car is CCTA...
  12. dafuture

    FS - OEM Hella Cherry LED Tail Lights w/out Fog

    I have for sale my set of OEM Hella Cherry LED Tail Lights w/out Fog. Good conditon, no visible scratches, cracks, etc. Will post pics tonight, they are still on my car at the moment. SOLD
  13. dafuture

    FS - Rosstech MicroCan Cable

    I have for sale my Rosstech MicroCan. Works perfectly, no issues. SOLD
  14. dafuture

    FS - Dieselgeek Short Shifter

    I'm selling my Dieselgeek short shifter. It's a fantastic piece, I'm just going for a more OEM feel as it's easier for me in traffic. It's been on my car for 15k miles. It's still on my car at the moment, as I'm waiting for an S3 shifter to come in to replace it. SOLD
  15. dafuture

    FS - Neuspeed Downpipe

    I have for sale my Neuspeed downpipe. It's still on the car at the moment, but it's an awesome piece. I had a third o2 bung professionally added to it so it fits both CCTA and CBFA cars. If you're CCTA, you can simply use a bung plug to close one hole. Looking to get $600. This thing is $1000...
  16. dafuture

    FS - Neuspeed RSE12 Hyper Black

    I have for sale my set of 18x8 et45 Neuspeed RSE12s in the discontinued but beautiful Hyper Black. I have had these on my car since last year. They balanced and run beautifully. Tires are 215/40/18 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 with decent tread left. This is for 5 rims. One has been curbed a bit from...
  17. dafuture

    FS - Part Out

    I've found myself spending more time working on my project than my MK6, so I think it's time to re-allocate some of the money I've put into the VW. I probably won't ship the larger stuff, but the smaller things I'm more than happy to. Everything not being shipped is local pickup/meet in the NYC...
  18. dafuture

    FS - Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 215/40/18

    I'm selling the tires from my old BBS wheels because I'm looking for something a bit wider for my current setup. Tires have roughly 9k miles on them, good amount of life left. I can get a tread depth measurement tomorrow. Local to Metro NY only. $250 obo
  19. dafuture

    FS - Neuspeed Hi-Flo Charge Pipe

  20. dafuture

    FS - Enkei RPF1 w/ Continental DW Tires

    I have a set of Enkei RPF1s for sale, 18x7.5 et48. Extremely lightweight wheels, 17 lbs per. They have a set of 225/40/18 Continental DW summer tires mounted on them with 8-9/32 all around. Comes with plastic centering rings for 57.1 hubs. Tires are basically brand new. In no rush to sell. Not...