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    starting a Repair thread for my car

    Hey everyone, I have a 2010 gti with about 58,000 kms on it. Last week while leaving my office I decided to stop and see a few clients on my way home. Leave my office car starts fine. Drive about 3 kms to first clients house, and when I leave that clients house car starts to idle weird. It...
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    Another Car to Add to the Mix of possible cars to get when my lease expires... MB GLA

    I do dislike this GPS as ell. Looks like an after thought.
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    color matched corners, rear reflectors, batterry cover and engine cover.

    Hey, I have a CSG GTI and my lease is up and it is time to turn it in. I am not sure what I am going to do, whether I buy it, sell, or trade it. Either way, I had a body shop color match with OEM carbon steel grey paint the side markers in the front, the rear reflectors in the rear bumper...
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    FS: euro plate red on black canada or USA

    I have brand new euro plate that I have no use for. Would be great for someone at a car show. It is a black plate with red lettering that says 'MKSIX GTI' I also have the correct tstickers from germany for it. I think I paid 70 for it, make me a decent offer I am in canada but will ship to...
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    FS: used BSH race intake canada or US

    I have a used bsh race intake I bought last year but never installed. Trying to clean out the garage. Make me a decent offer. I am in canada bt will ship to canada or the US Kyle
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    selling H&R sport springs GTI canada or US

    I have a slightly used set of H&R sport springs for sale. I bought these used 1 year ago and never got around to installing them. The were used for about 6000kms (4000 miles) when I got them. Make me a decent offer and they're yours. I am in canada, but I will ship to canada or US Kyle.
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    Speeding Ticket While Urinating (Was Abt to Pee Myself). No Radar Gun Used

    fight the ticket, I would. what do you have to loose. From what I understand they have to write up in the report their method of determining your speed. chances are she won't show up.
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    WTB: wheel spacers

    anyone have some 10mm wheel spacers they want to sell? let me know. kyle.
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    Pimp my Ride.... India

    best way to end a shitty day to watch that video.... hahaha "JK tyres will make you go really really fast"
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    Who makes a good cordless impact wrench?

    I used to sell these at my former job. What I remember is that dewalt made a decent one for the money, and bosch made a really nice one. Both of them were over the 400 ft lbs range. Honestly though, they are expensive as hell. For the money you could go get your self a decent compressor and air...
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    High Gas prices

    here is a conspiracy theory to think about. government stills owns most of GM GM designed and is trying to produce the epic failure volt the government needs the volt to sell just a thought.... remember the last time oil went this high? everyone and there sister shit the bed and promised to...
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    WTB: golf grille

    I am looking for an all black golf grille, not the one with the chrome pinstripes, and not a badgeless. PM me or reply to this.
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    ontario shows

    I would like to go to a couple good vdub meets this summer but I don't know of many. Anybody know of some good shows in Ontario? southern Ontario more specifically.
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    I never realized Japan was this crazy....

    check this one out. It is acutally a little intense. Its a trailer for Superspeeders? but it is a GT-40 being chased by cops.
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    Thought I'd share pictures of our Home Theater

    currently in the start up phase of planning my theatre. I am quoting out the framing/insullation/drywall of our unfinished basement tommorow night.
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    lamin-x fogs installed

    It seems like I went against the grain by staying away from JDM yellow fog bulbs lamin-x, however I wanted a more stealthy appearance. I know my car is dirty, and yes it needs to be lowered.
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    cant wait for riding season!

    I have been thinking about getting a Triumph Bonneville T100. Waiting to see what kind of deal I can get.
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    This is CRAZY!

    hahaha, I am so going to do this one of my friends on the weekend!!!
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    bmw forum?

    Hey guys and gals, my wife picked up an 2007 328i and I am looking for a good BMW forum to join. I have done a few searches, but just wondering if anyone here prefers a specfic forum. Thanks for the help.