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    FS: New MK5/MK6 Driver Gear Exhaust & Used OEM MK5 GTI Exhaust

    1. NEW OEM Driver Gear exhaust that was made for the MK5 2006-2009 Volkswagen GTI, but will fit MK5 Rabbits as well as MK6 Golf 2.5s (you have to just add a 28" extension or resonator to reach). Will come with exhaust sleeve-type clamp and all mounting hardware (including instructions).....OEM...
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    FS: New OEM Golf 2.5 Fog Lamp Kit

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    FS: New OEM Beetle 2.5 Engine Cover

    New OEM Beetle 2.5 Engine Cover....fits MK6 Golf 2.5 (with modification - you have to move the cover holders around on top of the engine).....P/N 07K 103 925....$125 Shipped I'm not on here much so please text me at 973-671-8379 for a quicker response. PM me for more pics.
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    FS: New GTI Steering Wheel, Shift Knob, E-brake Handle Cover, Used GTI Seats, Golf R Trim Kit, etc.

    1. Brand new OEM GTI steering wheel, black leather w/ red stitching, no steering wheel controls, no air bag, p/n 5K0 419 091 AD ASY.....SOLD 2. Brand new OEM GTI golf ball/leather shift knob assembly, Edition 35, black leatherette boot w/ red stitching, comes with securing ring that you crimp...
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    FS: New H&R Cup Kit, Front Brake Rotors, Brake Pads, etc.

    I have a few parts for sale. These are for the MK6 (2010-2014) Golf/GTI platform. 1. New Hella/Pagid 12.3" (312 mm) Front Rotors....SOLD 2. New Powerstop Z23 Front Brake Pads for 288 mm/312 mm rotors (P/N Z23-1107).....SOLD 3. New OEM Bosch Rear Brake Pads....for 272 mm rotors w/ Bosch...
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    DELETE : OEM non LED Tail light set - (Just pay shipping)

    I'll take these if you still have them.....e-mail me at
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    FS: NEW 16" Winter Wheel & Tire Set in NJ

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    FS: OEM 16" Steelies w/ Winter Tires in NJ

    SOLD on 17 Sep 2020
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    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit Springs & SACHS Race Engineering Struts/Shocks (fully assembled)

    No, I don't believe Autotech sells the ClubSport kit anymore.