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    ECU tunning vs warranty

    Hi guys, I tried searching for this topic in the CANADA section, but i couldnt find any. So please forgive me if this is a re-post. Anyways, Im just wondering..anyone in Canada have had problem with their warranty after chipping their car? More specially, what happens if my car is a lease and I...
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    Car and Driver's 2011 10 Best Cars

    Not sure if this is a re-post, if it is, it is still worth the effort because our GTI is on the list once again! :) "At the top of the Golf range is the car every enthusiast should own at...
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    Top Gear on 60 minutes.

    YAY! Top Gear! ________ Earthquake insurance dicussion
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    Catalytic converters

    Hello, I'm just wondering, is it illegal to have no catalytic converters in Canada/ Ontario? Thanks Josh:w00t: ________ VAPORIZER AFFILIATES
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    Top 5 mod list!

    Hello people, I have been reading a lot of amazing reviews of different after-market parts from you guys/girls lately. This makes me really wanna try out some of the parts too. So, could anyone list your top mod list (what you think are the best-value mods) here so I can get an idea what I...
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    Traffic Light Cameras

    i think even if it was night time, they can still capture your license plate. ________ HOTELS IN MEXICO CITY
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    2011 VW Touareg

    Do it! :thumbsup: ________ BIG DICK BLACK
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    2011 VW Touareg

    Hey guys, Just watched the 2011 Touareg sneak preview on youtube ( and I kinda like it, it looks great to my eyes! Personally, I would take it over a BMW X5 for some reason. I like how it's relatively cheaper but it's still pretty...
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    GTI vs 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T

    Hey guys, Just saw the motor-trend review of the new Sonata 2.0T and just wondering how does it compare to our beloved GTI? :w00t: InsideLine track video ________ Fuck
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    Forum stickers

    Hey guys, just wondering, where can I get forum stickers? I think it's kinda cool if I see someone with the same forum sticker. ________ HERBALAIRE INSTRUCTIONS
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    The Funny/WTF Picture and Video Thread (SFW...for now) ...and my profile pic if you will.. I guess a lot of u guys have already seen...
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    2012 Eos gets the GTI engine

    i thought the EOS has had the GTI engine for a long time! Anyway, I think the new EOS looks better than the out-going one though ;) ________ Vapor Cannon Vaporizer
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    Whats your occupation?

    nice!:w00t: ________ You Fuck
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    Whats your occupation?

    wow..lots of engineers here I'm a business student ;) ________ Zx14 Vs Hayabusa
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    Great driving roads

    Hey guys, Just wondering, are there any great driving roads in Ontario? -Share your experience! -Google map would be nice! Thanks Josh:w00t: ________ HOW TO ROLL BLUNTS
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    First real photos of the 2012 beetle

    it looks..less circular-like ________ Herbal vaporizer
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    The Funny/WTF Picture and Video Thread (SFW...for now)

    love this thread! ;) ________ Big Tits Vids
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    First real photos of the 2012 beetle

    never liked the beetle..but my gf likes it so much for some reason ________ The Cigar Boss
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    Front lip

    Hi guys! I'm just wondering can I install the euro front lip on my GTI w/o damaging the OEM bumper since it's a lease? I'm asking this is because I heard only euro versions of the OEM bumpers have the required holes to install the front lip. Thanks Josh:w00t: ________ LESBIAN VIDS