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    New - Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar end links

    Gents, up for sale a brand new set that is on its way to my house. As soon as I get the unopened package I'll ship it to you. Quick sale $119.00 free shipping... My loss Your gain...!
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    Golf .:R MK7 --- long wait

    Gents, I just wanted to drop a quick update on the production and release of the Mk7 in many of you know the 2 door GTI and R can't be ordered on an MK6 body style and the only fresh ones from the factory will be the two limited edition 4 door...if you purchase a Driver's Edition...
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    just wanted to share a couple of videos with you guys.... the first one is when I had just bought my GTI and I still had my RSX TYPE-S 05 with only 30k miles, RS-R exhaust + INTAKE and the GTI was still stock.. the second and third run are against an R32, one using launch control (couldn't...
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    APR stage 1 issue, can't change between programs

    Hi, I just flashed my car yesterday and worked like a charm! Today when I got home I tried to plAy with the different settings between 91 and 93 and when I press and hold the cruise button with the car off and in the accessory position nothing happens.....I did notice that on my way back home I...
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    Lease returns and tips

    I'm actually a Sales Manager at a VW dealer and one of my responsibilities is to take care of the lease returns. Yes, you need to Remove the aftermarket parts that you installed on your car unless they're VW parts or look like OEM (ex. Front lip spoiler/rear spoiler-tint is not an issue) a third...
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    Official Gran Turismo 5 Thread

    I'm buying it today.... dangtimk6
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    Name that movie screenshot

    Ninja turtles?
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    Trance/House/Techno/Dubstep/Drum N bass/ ETC Thread

    Only techno is allowed on my stereo!!! PUuyMd3r5Xk zJtOKhryN0o U8D9xCBcfzw 8gLkOfzIYcU recommended 6yvjPBMsKqk
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    I bought the wrong car

    no kidding....rommier....nice
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    Whats your occupation?

    Finance Manager @ a VW dealership....couldn't finish my business degree and I've been stuck selling cars for the past 7 years love my job.
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    Hi guys.. I finally got a GTI after owning a CC and getting rid of my RSX TYPE-S. I totally love it....!! Autobahn package included. Cheers...looking forward to adding valuable info.:happyanim: txi3gU8ePM0