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    Your Favorite old school rally car

    I'll start audi quattro
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    Almost hit by a drunken driver

    Almost hit by a drunken driver. My heart is still pumping like crazy... So, about 30 minutes ago I went to starbucks and on my way home on the freeway, I saw a light behind me getting close on me and he quickly changed into right lane and he passed me with 3inches gap between my side mirror to...
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    Overdraft fee...

    I have several account with Bank of America. and have 3 cards(same design) I usually use one card only( the others are for the rent and etc) and the bank charged me $140 for overdraft fee. what happened here is when I was at the mall with my friend,I swiped my card for coffee,snack and some...
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    Texting can be pretty hairly

    I don't know if you guys have seen it but for those who havne't seen it yet, check this out. it's UK's safety commercial. Uk makes saftey commercial pretty realistic. check other ones on youtube and here's the link
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    GPS Tracking and impound fee?

    I went my parents this weekend and I think my little brother(don't even have a driver's license) drove my car while I was sleeping. when I woke and the odo had 20+ miles on it. odo was 9021 when I parked and it now says 9045. But he keep saying that he wasn't driving. So I asked her if she was...
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    Speeding tickets or Jailtime??

    I know this is stupid question but I gotta ask. I'm taking roadtrip to vegas from seattle with my friends in the .:R(getting it in next few weeks XD) it's long drive and it gonna be painful crusing around 60mph in the R(it was painful even in the fx) imagine it, wide open road, gotta drive 10 or...