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    Cheap Labor, Pittsburgh Area

    Bump, still around but not on here much at all anymore. Still accepting jobs here and there. Number/email in the OP is still relevant. Located around Bakery Square for the person asking.
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    Random Engine Parts

    Spring Cleaning around here, and since I no longer have a Gen 1 TSI I’m getting rid of my stash. Everything is OEM and in used good working order unless otherwise noted. Prices are picked up in Point Breeze. Parts : Dipstick $10 Metal coolant line $10 HPFP hard line $10 Fuel rail $20 Fuel pump...
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    FS: APR Catch Can

    Like the title states, APR catch can in good shape with all of the parts it came with. SOLD SOLD SOLD You will need to have a plug for the intake manifold to use this can. $300 shipped, gifted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    F.S. Wheel Spacers

    2X brand new 5mm 42DD wheel spacers for use with STOCK WHEEL ONLY. They have a lip on them that fits OEM wheels to keep them hub centric. 5X112, 57.2mm. $40 shipped, gifted. 4X 5mm 5x112 57.1mm CB spacer. Hub centric, not wheel. I used these with Neuspeed wheels and had zero vibrations. $45...
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    F.S. Aquamist Stuff

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I got rid of my car and have a pile of leftover AM stuff. (4) .6mm check valve jets (all brand new/rebuilt), (1) 1.0mm hose barb jet, a Tee fitting, 4 blanking plugs, a jet holder, enough O-Rings and screens to rebuild all of them one time, a tank adapter with filter, 4.5 feet...
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    Mini Part Out (catch can, oil cooler, suspension, wheels/tire, random stuff)

    Hello all. I'm a long time member here and just sold my MK6. I have a slew of parts laying around, that I either took off the car before selling or just had sitting around. This is the list I can come up with as of right now, and once I break into my bin of spare engine parts I will have...
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    FS: 2011 VW GTI Big Turbo - OEM Plus - Fully Build Street Car

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my 2011 VW GTI. ~123000 miles, one owner, sunroof, CLEAN and well taken care of. I bought this car in January of 2011, and have spared no expense to make it what it is today. It is dead reliable, and can be driven anywhere without issue. It is a true, turn-key daily...
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    Random stuff (mirror caps, valve springs, BFI mount inserts, spacers)

    Cleaning out some random things: SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Black mirror caps, two clips are broken on one. Used for like 2 days and didn't like the look. They still fit fine. $20 42DD 5mm spacers that center on BOTH the hub and the wheel. The ONLY work with OEM wheels. I bought these without knowing...
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    OEM Backup Camera

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling this OEM backup camera. It has the 26 pin connector that works on some newer RCD-510's, and all RNS-315 and 510's. You have to cut a small 1"X1" hole between the license plate lights to mount it. See Install HERE and HERE. Includes everything in the first pic...
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    OEM Winter package (17" Denvers+Snows)

    Selling my winter setup as I don't drive the car much in snow anymore, so I got some all-seasons for colder weather. 4X OEM 17" Denver Wheels 4X Mastercraft Glacier Grip 2 snow tires 4X 10mm Hubcentric Spacers The wheels are not in perfect shape by any means. They look decent, and no major...
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    Adding 1" port to silicone hose

    Does anyone know where I can find a piece like this? I've searched high and low and everywhere in between and the closest thing I can find is for a boat hull. I can also find small ones, but no 1" ones. Someone used one in a DV relocation some time ago and had a link to APR for the piece, but...
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    PSA: P2015 after getting flashed/tuned fix (without getting a new manifold)

    So within the past year I've had two or three people come to me with a P2015 code. All of these people I now remember saying that the code came up around the time they got flashed, if not immediately after. I would replace the manifold, code would go away, no problem. I didn't flash the cars...
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    FS: VAG-COM Micro-CAN

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Only selling because it won't work on my wife's Q5 so I'm upgrading to the HEX-CAN version. $200 shipped, FIRM. gifted or add fees. $195 picked up in Pittsburgh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Bilstein PSS Coilovers

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Anyone want my Bilstein PSS's? Long story short, I stripped the top nut on one of the struts and I couldn't get them fixed in the time frame I wanted and I bought a new set of Coilovers. One strut has a stripped top nut and will need to be completely replaced. This...
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    FS: OEM Votex Roof Rack

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    DeAutoKey LED license plate lights (full housings)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Brand new, never even opened. They were $45 new, I'll take $40 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    BMW M2 or GT350?

    It was a manual. I guess I will say the clutch was really easy to get used to. And that fact was proven when the guy told me this was his FIRST MANUAL CAR EVER. Take that in for a second. LOL. I'm pretty sure this just counted M cars out for me. Maybe a used one when they are really cheap...
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    BMW M2 or GT350?

    Meant to update this thread with some experience. Granted, I will be talking about the M4 here, and not the M2, but they seem "close enough" from what I've read to be able to compare. I put some spacers on a locals M4. He insisted I drive it afterwards. And not only drive it, but beat the...